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Hmmm, haven't heard anything on this unless he's referring to the Suzuki Z400, which I don't think he is. The Z400's (which isn't "new")a four-stroke and don't think it'd be as fast as a Banshee.

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jighead has the answer, it has to be the v-force.That is the only new 4- stroke big bore machine that is ready for release.
There is a new two stroke machine on the way but it is a foreign hybred type called the Gas-Gas 300HP.I believe it is a spanish made or french made machine.Very simular to the old Honda 250R models.
Honda has something up their sleeves also, but my sources have no word as to what size or model engine.My guess would be the 450F 4 stroke version of the 400EX.Or posibly a 650R from the XR series.

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If it is the new Kawasaki V-force, he must have meant about 100# heavier than the Banshee. They had one at the motorcycle show last weekend, looked kinda like a rhino (big and bulky). $6599 MSRP for a glorified 2wd Scrambler ?? I suppose if you want to win the cc war, you would want to be first in line though. I don't see this one being a big seller, could be wrong though.
As far as the GasGas 300HP goes, there were rumors of this coming to the States a couple years ago. Even if it becomes reality in the U.S. and is quicker than a Banshee, it won't be by much.
As for me, my body is gettin too old too fast, thinkin about tradin in the swingarm suspension for some of that 4wd cushy independent stuff.

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