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Quad Shack


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I've seen 'em, sat in 'em. For fishing or hunting use? Hunting in them is illegal, I believe; have to be a certain distance away. Fishing in them? The wheeler take half the room and I don't think I want a heater clsoe to a wheeler full of gas.

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I built a shack very simalar to the quad shack,i made it 9.5x6.5 with about 7 foot of head room,the 4 wheeler takes some room,it took me about a week to sew it but i found it was well worth the effort.I like it for the fact that everything is attatched to the wheeler,Box on the back with about 6 poles,heater(Mr heater Buddy),Tip Ups.auger and vexlar , minnows on the front rack,I fish sitting on the seat of the 4 wheeler and there is still enough room for 2 guys on the ice,I have an Ammo Box with 2 14amp hour gell cells,an inverter,and one of the new high Efficiency Florescent light bulbs in one of them cheap clip on work lights,I get about 17 hours of light with that thing,power at about 75 watts,plus vex power works great.Im sure the quad shack would be very similar to fold up.All you realy have to do is back it off the trailer and go,then I get back drive it on the trailer strap the 4 wheeler down and jump in the van and go.I love it

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