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ATV Task Force final meeting


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December 17, 2002
Twin Cities
Holiday Inn in Arden Hills
1201 West County Road E
(1 mile south of 694 on Lexington Ave)
tel. (651) 636-4123

Finalize recommendations and celebrate accomplishments.

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I just read in the Star Tribune about this group.It sure seems that the media wants every one to believe that the ATV and off road supporters are the cause for nothing being accomplished .It seems to me that the green people are to blame just as much as the rest.
I see the MRR people still see fit to file frivalous law suites to get their personal agendas across or to wast tax dollars that could be spent tring to find a solution.
They were represented in the group but all they could contribute was to say we need more studies.What study is going to please all of the people ?Non,it is just a waste of time and resourses to keep doing studies that will have the same out come we all know it will have.
I don't see any problem with shutting down a sensitive area so long as there is an alternative area to start up.We have many abandonded sand pits, mines , and lands that were stripped of all trees and vegatation we can use for an ATV site.
There is no need to be mud bogging down in a river bottom when there is a sand pit with a ready made mud pit waiting for use.
Well I got off subject a little, but I think this group should have a change of people from the same ranks and have at it again.I am sure that all involved chose their most vigalant people to represent them.Now lets have a few with a more logical train of thought involved, ones who will be more open minded and not the top vigalante for each group.

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