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Mat Traxx?


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Has anybody seen or used these yet?? My buddy has them on his Honda Rubicon . These things sure look impressive. Used them on LOW this week, no troubles but not much of a test with the current conditions.

Does anybody have any experience with these?
I would like to know more on the duribility and maintenence.
Can they be used with independent suspension?
How hard are they on the front end?
Do they limit towing/pulling?

Didn't get to question my buddy as the fish were snapping. Anybody have any facts or opinions?

[This message has been edited by nunzio (edited 12-13-2002).]

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are they like the light foot tank like tracks for atv's? If so I read in a magazine that they will take you anyware but they are very heavy, exspensive, and they give a bad ride. they are best used for industrial use not recreation.

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Pulsar, I believe those are the ones nunzio is talking about. They add about 100-pounds on each corner of your machine, cost about $3500 and does limit your speed. They also add the tank track sound effect as a bonus smile.gif A buddy of moine who's a magazine editor did ride a machine equipped with the tracks. Better have some muscle to turn the handlebars.

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pulsar; those are the ones.

Dave; I didn't think they added that much weight, 100 lbs total but I can't remember what he said, tho.
Ya that sound is awesome, sounds like nothing else on the ice. That Honda looks like a meat eater with those things on it. What machine did your friend try his on? We were pulling light fold up houses so were only going 10-12mph but you felt everything you rode over ( I also got to ride a '85 350 Yamaha that day... really appreciate my Sportsman smile.gif ). Ya need some pipes to steer that beast that's forsure but it sure was fun.

They are definately not for recreational riding. I'm just curious as to their use as an ice fishing tool more than anything. They are spendy but then so is a new sled.

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Dave; What did your friend think of them? Did they use the suspension lock? I'm real curious as to the depth of snow that they will handle as well as maintence and most importantly... duribility. I still can't get over the sound of those going accross the ice......
The weight of these brings up another question: How much weight in accessories can be applied before the returns are deminished? What I mean is , we had a guy up here who had one of those Ford tractors. After he put on a front end loader and a back hoe ( both way too big), it could hardly move much less pull anything. Each of the 3 pieces by themselves had their merits but together, not very functional. I don't remember reading in the manual any weight limits that can be applied to the frame.

Just letting my fingers do the babbling.... smile.gif

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