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Welcome Newest Field Staff - Dave


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I'd like to publicly welcome our newest Field Staff member Dave.

I'd like to apologize for not having done this over a year ago. He is truly an ATV guru and has been very active here in helping everyone who needs help.

Those of you who use this Forum regularly know what I'm talking about.

Welcome aboard as a Field Staff member Dave.

We appreciate YOU smile.gif

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Well, thanks, Rick. You might have guessed, I actually do like to talk about ATVs a lot. So, any help I can be, feel free to shout and I'll try my best.

[This message has been edited by Dave (edited 12-10-2002).]

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Thanks guys! Well Paul, I know you banged the Big Dipper on a concrete floor for a few days at the Ice Show, and couldn't break it. My two boys seemed to have picked up the habit as well on the garage floor. The BD is passing the kid destruction tests as well. smile.gif

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Why did it take Rick so long to convince you to accept the position? smile.gif Thanks for all your contributions in the past and we'll look forward to your contributions in the future.

I will admit that pretty much everything I know about ATVs has been learned hear from Dave.

I'll go back to moderating any ATV arguments and controversy, of which, there has been none lately. Can someone touch off an argument?

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I wish I could make it but can't. I did plan on talking to my brother. I'll let him in on your plans. Thanks for the kind words.

Bornofice, I was just waiting for Rick to add another decimal to the salary. I got him up to what I'm worth ........$.01 smile.gif

[This message has been edited by Dave (edited 12-12-2002).]

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