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What kind of plow?


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Hey Dave & Everyone

My 20yr old John Deere snowblower just had a major malfunction, I was just going to buy a new one, but have been thinking of having it repaired and use for small jobs & cleanup, etc. & getting a plow for my Polaris.

My question is---what blade to get? Also I don't have a winch! Should I invest in one just to operate the plow or is a manual lift just as good? I have a 97 500 explorer and would use mainly for my driveway, access to the lake from my cabin, & banking the fishhouse. Also best place to purchase, Polaris, Dennis kirk, etc. I live in western Minnesota between Fergus Falls & Fargo/Moorhead.

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I had a '97 Explorer also. It's still in the family and running strong. I have a 1997 60" Cycle Country straight blade on that unit. You'll push a 60" blade no problem. And, I don't think they cost much more than a smaller blade.
I run the Polaris V-plow on another ATV. It's kind of versatile to angle the blades on the V-plow, but it is more expensive.

If you're going to use a winch just for lifting the plow, stick with a Superwinch; they're much cheaper than a Warn. And, there's nothing wrong with the Superwinch I have on that '97 machine. Also, some plow manufacturers have an "electric lift"; just for lifting the plow. I don't know the cost difference but by NOT buying the manual lift assembly, a guy could almost pay for some type of electric lift system for the plow.

Most manual lift assemblies only lift the plow blade about 5 inches off the ground. Winches, or electric lifts, lift the blade about a foot off the ground.

Look at www.cyclecountry.com for some plow blade and lift ideas.

Rick, if it's not ok to post any URL's relating to ATVs, please let us know. It's hard to describe some accessories, but when looking at a photo explains everything.

Polaris accessories are made by someone else. And, Polaris' price is higher I'm sure.

Another place for info and some prices is

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