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Slobs in Shakopee

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I was out last night in my back yard playing with my two dogs. It was about 7pm and all of a sudden I hear shooting going on. Then a couple more and then a couple more.
So I went right in and grabbed my regs and low and behold the shooting hours are closed at 4pm till this saturday. What are people thinking??????????? I hear shots all the time in the morning coming from the same direction.
Suer I can't be positive they where shooting ducks or geese but come on the birds fly good at that time and to hear them coming from a place I always hear them coming from.

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FYI they might not be shooting at waterfowl.

Are crow, rabbit, squirrel, etc season still open and could they be shooting them? Could they have been throwing clays with multiple shooters ie. Annie Oklie style?

If you know for a fact that they are shooting waterfowl, call in TIP/DNR/Natl Guard etc. However, personally I'd wander down there and check things out myself - no confrontation - but, still checking things out.

As a side note, I've never understood our states decision to have the season stop at 4pm while others don't follow suit. It's bad enough that most of us in MN only get to hunt 40-45days (slough & small lake freeze up) of the 60day season, but to hobble us with a 4pm cutoff for the first 2 weeks then stopping at sunset instead of 1/2hour after as well baffles me. Especially when southern states get all 60days, 1/2hour before sunrise, and 1/2hour after sunset.


ps. I was out at our 'marsh' Sun night (5-7pm) in the North metro and was pattern testing my shotgun at 20, 30, & 40yds. Even though I was perfectly legal, it would have been very easy to mistake my legal activity for illegal activity.

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Obviously you might really know the area well, and so know that they were likely shooting waterfowl...

but I thought I'd mention that I live out in the country north of Duluth and do a LOT of shooting during daylight hours. That's target shooting, as in rifles and clay pigeons. I probably go out 2-3 times per week, and shoot until it's too dark. Get me and a couple of my buddies shooting, and it gets loud for a little while. But we're not killing anything at all.

Just food for thought...


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PJ, that's is why I said I couldn't be positive. It sounded just like it does in the morning shoot and from the same direction I always hear shooting.
I just may have to take a drive if I hear it tonight.

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Well I did take a little drive last night. I didn't hear any shooting late but at 6pm I decided to go take a look at a local WMA and what did I see? 3 guys walking to there truck carring decoys. Now I am not saying they killed any ducks after 4pm but I am saying it dosen't take two hours to walk from the water to there truck.
They had a couple ducks in hand so I asked them what time they shot them and the reply was " a while ago".
So I wrote down there license plate and told them I would give it to the DNR so he could keep track of what was going on down here.I explained about hearing shooting late and they where quick say it wasn't them. I told them whoever it was needs to know that you can't hunt past 4pm till sunday.
I think they got the point.

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