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Dont hunt in these three lakes!!! Toxic algae

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3 Minnesota lakes have toxic algae
September 29, 2004 ALGAE0929

State officials warned Tuesday that people and pets should not enter the waters of three Minnesota lakes where toxic algae blooms have occurred recently.

Three state agencies advised people not to swim or wade in the lakes and to keep pets or farm animals out of the water. The lakes are Lake Benton in Lincoln County, Fish Lake near Mora in Kanabec County and Lake Crystal, southwest of Mankato in Blue Earth County.

Blue-green algae thrive in warm, nutrient-rich lakes, sometimes giving them the consistency of pea soup. Occasionally these blooms turn toxic. On Lake Benton, many fish and a resident's dog died Saturday, apparently from the algae, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said.

Swimming in the lakes may cause skin rash, hives, runny nose, irritated eyes and throat irritation. Ingesting the water may cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, headache, throat irritation, muscle pain, paralysis, respiratory failure and death.

If contact occurs, the material should be washed off thoroughly. If you suspect that an animal has been affected by an algae bloom, contact a veterinarian as quickly as possible, the agencies said.

Anyone ever hunt any of these lakes?

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I hunt on a slew right next to Lake Benton.
That just makes me wonder because in the middle of the slew it did look like pea soup. It was very green but where we hunted the water looked fine and the boat landing looked fine.
My two dogs haven't had any problems either.

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