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On my dad's land there is usually a pond. I have always seen ducks and geese on it growing up but never hunted them. Last year was my 1st year and I did really well. But................. as I was getting ready last week. I went out and looked at the pond it looked fine until I walked out there. I looks like there is water there until you get real close.

My question now is could I set up my decoys and acually call in birds? Or would it be a waste of time. I hunt alone most of the time and it is pretty much my only place to hunt.

Any suggestions would be great.

If it helps the pnd is about 1 acre and perfectly round.

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Personally I'd be looking for somewhere else to hunt. Ducks are creatures of habit. Especially early season. That's why early season scouting is so important to ensure success. Since the ducks aren't currently using your pond it's not likely that the local ducks will seek it out during the time they're still here. Once they get shot at they'll be jumping to other places they use regularly. I'd think the the tarp idea would work better on nonlocal ducks. But if you don't have any other options it's definitely worth a shot. You never know.

Other's feel free to chime in but I'd be looking for another spot to open on.


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