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Trail Cam Deer-Elk-Moose Pics or Video

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Just swapped cards from a May June soak, and is that grass ever growing! Re-mounted the camera up higher and aiming down for the next month or so. Here's a few from my Moultrie M80X Black Flash (with Motion Freeze):

Literally a couple of hours after making a new mineral and salt lick on a stump


Triple Turkeys


Must be starved for minerals, chomping on rotten wood


"Marked" Doe at night


Tree'd Raccoon


3 Young Bucks sharing a stump


Say Cheese!


Fawn Tongue


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Hey guys ive been away from the site for a bit. I had mentioned a while ago I was getting pics of the big boy from last year. Here he is on July 4th along with a few other ones. I think its interesting to see the genetics in the brow tines in the bottom 2 deer. The middle deer last year was a perfect 6X6 and the bottom deer was a 5X4. The biggest was a perfect 5X5 but this year he has a shooter coming off each beam toward the inside of his rack.




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Thanks stick. Here is a pic from last January of the 5X5 and the 5X4 together and a pic of the big boys shed we found. And to clarify...the 2nd and 3rd pic above are different bucks.



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