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Having 2 loaded guns while waterfowl hunting

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Good info

There was another topic where this came up, and I was shocked with the official answer.
For some reason, I assumed having 2 loaded guns in the blind for myself was illegal.
Well, it is perfectly legal.
Talk about great news. I can have one gun with duck loads, and another gun with goose loads.
Or for the early goose season, I can have one gun with dove loads, and one for geese.

How cool is that?

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Well, having two guns seems like a great idea but in reality, it really gets to be a pain! With all the deeks, camo, dogs, shells, etc., it gets tough to manage all of it. I bet you will stick to one gun after you give the two gun thing a try. Good luck though, maybe you are better organized than me!

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I've always thought that a swatter/cripple gun would be a good idea. Something like a single shot with a tight choke and small pellets. Not a lot of energy is needed to knock them in the head but pellet density is key. #7 Hevi-shot with a full choke and a red dot scope, mmmmmmm.

I currently load 1.5oz of #6 steel @ 1550fps in my 10ga for this purpose.


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My goose hunting partner and I have been going out with three guns lately.We use one loaded for Geese at close range , one for long range and one for the ducks when season is open.When duck season is closed we use the third one as our cripple collector as well.

We hunt mainly land blinds so the added weight isn't a big factor, but in a small boat it would be an issue.


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A word to the wise on the multi-gun deal in a boat at least. If you're with a dog that cannot sit still, it's a bad idea. It's hard enough to manage one gun with a dog that wants to make end to end trips. Safety starts to become a little more important than having the right goose load available.

My buddy's spare got dunked by the dog a couple years ago. He now carries one.

Just my .02 based on experience.

Ray Esboldt

Catch-N Tackle
Stone Legacy

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