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This is just a brain fart here but would any one out there be willing to put down a dollar for every Hen they shoot ??????????
The whole idea would be if you shoot a hen you pony up a dollar(this takes honest people) and all of the dollars collected would go to the MWA for projects of building hen houses or woooduck boxes or whatever the MWA thinks is the right place for it to go.
I will admit that I shoot a few every season.( of course we always try not to shoot them) and you are not a bad person if you do.
Just a thought.
If you all decide this is a good idea all of the guys that hunt with me will be put on the bill if the shoot one. (guide rules)
This goes for Mallards, redheads,canvasback, bluebills, wood duck and pintails
MWA BIG DUCKS chapter is going to put up a framed sponsor print. Everyone who is involved will have there name thrown in to a hat for a drawing for the print.

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For all the $$ I've spent at the annual DU banquet I'm paid forward on 100's of hens. Having said that I only shot 4 hens all last year. DU used to have a nickle fund for hunters who shot hens, but that was many, many years ago.

If you play, you should pay. Thats my theory.


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For a second there I thought you were talking hen Pheasants shocked.gif (My brain fart..duck forum not pheasant!)

With a early opener it could be difficult with those young green heads.

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After season starts you just post up if you owe anything after every week. So on Monday you would post that lets say you owe $2. I will keep a running tally of all involved. So far we have about 30 people in on it.
Season is done I will let you know where to send the money to and how much your final total is.

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I'd probably be broke too, other than I won't likely go that much, so won't shoot that many birds anyway. As long as somewhere there'll be a post to remind us to list what we owe, sign up bigbucks as well.

I love to hunt ducks, just not as much as I love to bowhunt...

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Bigbucks, that is why you need to stick a deer opening weekend. I am a huge bowhunter also. I have never in my life raised a gun to a deer. I always end up sticking 2 or 3 every season and one of them being opening day for the last 7 years.
I will post a reminder every monday.
good luck on upcoming season Sept 18th

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jblabsnduck, I know on the deer thing. I think you already know I stuck a nice 8 pointer Tuesday night. I might hunt ducks a little harder being I already got my buck, but lots of does to shoot. I am really looking forward to duck hunting this year.

I've shot several deer in the first week of season, 3 on opening weekend, but not as consistent as you,7 years is pretty impressive. I believe I've shot at least 2 bow deer every year from 97 to now, except 1 year where I only got one. Unfortunately I shoulder bladed a buck that year & lost him. I still like to gun hunt though, lot of fun hunting with my extended family, lot of talk spread around. Not to mention how many times I get soaked driving swamps for them...

By the way what does jblabsnduck stand for? I'm assuming it some concuction of initials with duck hunting, jb labs-n-duck.

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You got it right, It is the intials of my first and last name along with what I live for- labs and ducks.
My streak was broken this year. I didn't stick one. I could have got a nice doe last night but she had a very small fawn with her. I guess you could say I had a heart last night.
I saw your buck picture, nice one. 185 wow that isn't bad.
You ever want to hook up for some duck hunting just let me know.
I didn't mean to sound like gun hunter are lower than me. I just ment it as it was said- I have never raised a gun to one. I have buddies that gun hunt and we give each other a lot of **** .
BTW if you want to hunt with me you will be held to the $1 rule on hens.

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Yes, that's probably farther then I want a go. Sounds like I'm going up to the DL area in a week to do some hunting & fishing with Paceman. Will hunt around here until then. Thanks for the offer, welcome to hunt ducks here to, but most of spots aren't what you'd call prime.

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You are correct. Years ago, I think in the 40's or 50's, DU had a can about the size of today's pop can where you deposited a nickel for each hen you shot. By today's standard that nickel would be a couple of bucks. Then you mailed the money in to DU. It's a darn good idea what MWA is doing. Hopefully we all try not to shoot hens but it happens and like the other guy said you're not a criminal for doing it but it's nice to give a little back.
At our camp we have a jar when the person that shoots a hen drops a $1.00 then the money is given to the local DU chapter.
Again be safe, enjoy and good luck

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Well where do you hunt around? I'm in Long Prairie, which is 20 miles North of Sauk Centre or about 25 East of Alexandria.

I didn't think you were ripping on gun hunting, just saying it's a lot of fun. I started going with when I was 10 or 11, probably went with to pick up deer as young as 8. Our party would alway meet for breakfast at "the farm" at 5am & verify where everyone was going to sit & make plans for meeting for drives, etc. The hunters would all go out then & we'd have to sit around until 6:30 to wait for the local TV station to start broadcasting & then watch cartoons until 9, before we could go meet them. We used to go half crazy waiting for 9:00 to come. It was my grandparents house & I think my Grandma was about dying for 9 to come to get us outside.

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    • Screw your little toy e-augers and chain saws!  😏  😆          
    • the wife and I took a little drive to Arkansas for one more ride. 
    • I get where your coming from Leech. There are some gray areas and loopholes and they know how to work them. These youtube people they want you to be angry, it all plays right into their revenue.   The thing with these youtubers is they unfortunately  have a mass following and they will tell all their fans to show up at the DNR offices, court house, call the office phones etc. And it just drives up their following, youtube views etc. and the result is just more revenue for the youtube channel and people get sucked right in (myself included). Like I said love him or hate him he's generating significant income by doing it and its like a bad car wreck you just cant look away.    In some cases the DNR getting involved the risk outweighs the reward if you get my drift. look at the crowds that came out for him over a misdemeanor jet ski fine in TN. It looks like its straight out of the movie "Time to kill" lol:   More:  
    • Another reply from the DNR Capt.  Sounds like their a bit afraid to dig in and get what the need to prosecute.   Mr. Beeeped-out  😉 I do want to thank you for your time in researching and sending us the information.  The second video in particular involves the CBoyz near Cormorant Village in Becker County.  If you watch many of their videos they are full of violations.  We have met with the County Attorney’s Office and we have been told that unless we can provide a date/time of the actual event they will decline to prosecute.  We have identified many of the players in these videos but only have a date/time of the video release and not the actual date and time.  We have also made contact with them and taken enforcement action in many of their videos.  They are not afraid to film our officers in action.  In addition the first video was a year or two old if I recall.  I will not disagree that when looking at the video there is areas of concern but unless we can observe the damage and be able to testify in court that the wetland was damaged we would likely not be successful in prosecution.  We will continue to monitor their activity and if observed causing damage we will be taking enforcement action.  We appreciate and share your concerns.  If you have any additional information please forward to us.  Capt. Seefeldt   These Jackwads!    
    • Can't stand the guy and don't watch his craap!  I was watching videos on the Sherp vehicle which is pretty cool and these two popped up.  When I saw them mowing over Wild rice beds it [PoorWordUsage]ed me off and got me to send it in to the DNR.  
    • ahh good old whistlindiesel, your just part of the click bait generating even more revenue for him now   love him or hate him he sure knows how to generate some buzz   Also he was already on the Mn DNR $hitlist for this and ticketed see below:      
    • Watch the two videos below and see what you think?  Wet land destruction or not?   I saw these clowns on Youtube and sent it in to the MN DNR and this was there reply and mind back to them.   May help to read the Wet land use description on the DNR web page as well.     Read bottom-up.     To: Vollbrecht, Brice (DNR) Cc: Seefeldt, Phillip (DNR)  "Well you are the experts paid to protect our wet lands.  If you didn’t see any objectional wet land damage in either of the two videos I forwarded.   Then I guess I must have been mistaken what wetland and Wild rice bed damaged must be?  Just a question if there registered to operate in a public water area, do they have to use a boat launch like every other water craft or just fly off through the reeds like they did in the video?  Keep doing a great job guys!  May be I buy one.  Thanks for your time.  Steve"          Sent from Mail for Windows From: Vollbrecht, Brice (DNR) Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2022 3:53 PM To: [email protected] Cc: Seefeldt, Phillip (DNR) Subject: Sherp Complaint Steve: I got an email sent to me through the info center regarding a wetland complaint you had sent in about a year ago.  I also saw the email you attempt to send Captain Seefeldt.  Just wanted to let you know the Captain was not  ignoring you, it looks like you misspelled his name in the original email you sent.   This spring after the snow/ice melted and things started to green up, one of our enforcement pilots flew around the area where the farm is located.  The pilot was unable to locate any areas of concern where the Sherp may have caused damage to the wetland.  The pilot also flew over other wetland areas close to the farm, but did not observe any damage. The Sherp is dual registered which would allow it to operate in a public water area.  If the other wetland/lake where they drove down the road is private property we have not received any complaints from landowners down there for trespass.   I have included the Captain in this email.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact either one of us. Thank you Conservation Officer Brice Vollbrecht, Bemidji #1 Station MN DNR Enforcement (Cell)-218-760-1798
    • 👍👍 yessirree.........mayhaps even from your back yard!!!!!!!!!!🤭🤗
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