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ND License requirement

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If I plan on hunting waterfowl in North Dakota this fall what do I need to do to get a license? I thought I heard I need some kind of advanced hunter saftey class? Or is it just gun saftey?

-I am a MN resident

Thanks, Matt

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OK checked out the web site.

ND says,"law requires persons born after 1961 to complete a certified hunter education course and show proof of certification when purchasing or applying for hunting licenses. Official courses offered by other states and Canadian provinces meet these requirements."

MN offers Advanced Hunter Education and Firearms safety.

Do you think that means I could take either one of them offered in MN?


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All you need is basic firearms saftey certificate. In MN it can now be an endorsement on your drivers license. If you have your original card, I believe you can use the number on it or call the DNR (that's what I did a few years back). They issued a new card that has the same mumber as my drivers license number.

My MN drivers license has Firearm certificate on the Endorsements on the back. And when I call to get my ND license They just take the DL # for firearms saftey. One less thing to keep in your wallet.

Now if they could only do that with fishing/hunting licenses.....

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