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Is any age legal?

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Just want to know for sure. I've heard both sides. My son will be 9 this season and has handled the gun plenty... was wondering if he can legally hunt waterfowl without a firearms safety certificate?

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The way I interpet it is......

If the child is under 12. he/she can hunt WITH an adult. At 12 must go through gun saftey.

But that is how I read it. You are better to call the DNR.


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I know they need the firearms safety certificate in order to get a deer license, so if they are under 12 they could hunt ducks and pheasants with a parent and take their own limit? I want to let my son who is under 12 carry his gun this fall when we hunt for ducks and pheasants but I need to know if what he shoots counts as his own limit or does it go on mine? Anybody know?

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The firearms safety certificate is only required for deer, moose, bear, turkey and elk at age 12.

Not required for hunting waterfowl or upland game untill they turn 13 based on the info in the regs. Makes no sense to me. However I required it for my kids before they were able to hunt with a firearm. Although they made lots of trips out with me hunting from an early age.

In fact there is no minimum age for waterfowl hunting(although they must be able to handle their firearm in order to take a limit.


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