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Got some questions for you all. Just got an oportunity to hunt on a farmer's 80 acres, around the area of Pequot Lakes and Pine River.

1st question:
Anyone ever hunted geese up there? if so how is it?

2nd question:
The land is mostly hay field (about 60 acres) and the rest is planted with oats. Has anyone ever hunted in oat or hat fields? I figure it may be tough getting geese in because of nearby corn fields, and don't know if it is worth my time.

hopefully one of you has some answers.


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I have never hunted that area first off. Geese do like oats and as long as the field has been picked they may come in. Geese will also frequent a hay field if it has been recently cut or the grass is still short. If there are local corn fields that have been chopped for silage the geese may amd probably will prefer them. There are alot of variables though. How many geese are in the area, pressure or other hunters moving birds, is your field in a flight path from water to their main feeding field. Get up early one morning prior to season and see what is moving and where, they may get up to feed at daybreak to 9am generally. They may also change their paths from day to day depending on feed and pressure but at least you may get a good idea of what's around. I really don't mind being on a marginal field if I can't get on a main feeding field as long as their are geese around. Once the shooting starts and groups get broken up they tend to scatter. Can make for a good shoot on singles and doubles. Just a few thoughts, hope they help.

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I am hunting cut oat fields in the early season. I have had pretty good success in the early season when all the corn is still standing. One thing that I have noticed is that when the oats/hay has more than about 3 inches of stubble they won't land in it. The shorter that it is cut the better. I have seen a lot of geese the last week in the cut fields out feeding in the morning.

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