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Goose opener. Public Vs. Private

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Hey guys i just bought a couple dozen goose shell and im geting ready for the early metro goose season. I am Fairly new o it and i have just bout come shells to take out in the field. I would love to know some hard hitting tactics you guys have developed over the years. In little bit of information will help. I would also like to know where to go. I dont really have any connection with people that have land so i guess im going to have to use public. If you have any good places you could tell me about or just an open field nobody uses that would be terrefic. If you dont want to share the info you can email me at [email protected]

I greatly appreciate it in advance and good luck to you all on the upcoming season

I cant wait!!

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I hate to be the one to tell you but if you are going to be hunting in the metro and on public land chances are you wont do so good. I am not saying that you wont kill any I am just saying it will be very tough.
My advise is to get out and start asking people for permission to hunt.
My other piece of advise is, go with someone that knows how to goose hunt. There is decoy placement to worry about and calling. Both play a big part in goose hunting. If you don't go with anyone else and only have 2 doz shells make sure you put them in small family groups of 4-5 in each group and seperate them.
Last piece of advise, make sure you are hidden real good.
Good luck

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