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Planting Wild Rice

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This is what I was told.....
You need to mix the seed in a mud mixture, make small mud balls out of it and then throw it into areas you wish to plant. This helps the seed reach the bottom and lodge there.

Rice can lay dormant for years waiting for the right conditions. Make sure you plant it in shallow muddy areas.

You should also check to make sure you do not need a permit. If it is on private land, you should have no problem.

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It may help but you do not need to mix it with the mud. The best is if you have an inch or more of soft dirt/silt on the bottom. You want the seed to settle into the bottom so that the ducks do not eat the seed up in shallower water. Also if the seed is not under some dirt when the plant is in the floating leaf stage the wave action will pull the root out of the bottom. If any geese are in the area they will eat up most if not all of the plants when they are in the floating leaf stage.

Waskish Minnow Station

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One thing I've done is put the seeds in a shallow pan full of water for a couple days first, changing the water at least once a day. Depending on the quality of the seed batch you'll see maybe 20-60% start to germinate within 72 hours. I'm not sure how much this helps, but from working with wild rice in the lab the hardest part seems to be getting them germinated. You don't want to wait very long after they start splitting open to plant them, as they will definitely float if you wait until you see their roots and shoots. You would also plant the germinated seeds later in the year than you would dormant seeds, probably mid-June.

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I've seeded a few beaver sloughs, and we generally do it in late summer/early fall. When we are ricing, we will save out a bit for various seeding activities, and plant the stuff within a day or two of harvesting. We've always figured this was as close to "natural" seeding that occurs in the wild as we could get. Normally, the rice ripens and shatters in late summer/early fall (depending on the lake and sub-species of rice) and re-seeds itself that way.
We sometimes do the mudball route if access to the pond is difficult (meaning we don't have a canoe to use) so we can cover a larger area tossing the little mudballs than we could by tossing handfuls of light rice.
Rice will not necessarily grow in all ponds and lakes. The ph level is very important, as is a reasonable amount of fresh water movement - a stagnant pond typically won't take.

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SA, you could try Kelly-p, he may have some. I believe that his is the commercial wild rice variety. I found wild rice at Kesters (in Wisconsin, I think). It's pretty cheap. Otherwise you should be able to find some in a few weeks when the ricing gets going.

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    • could that happen???? yea probably, but unlikely.   i've been chopping or helped or watched cutting spearchucking holes since i've been about 8-10 years old, i'm 65 now, and never remotely seen it happen. ''closest i came was cut a spearhouse hole, plopped the house over it and ended up with a deadhead right smack in the middle of it. the top of the log about 4 ft below the ice!!!!!! 
    • That would be nice til you caught a log frozen in the ice and broke both your arms and your back.
    • Screw your little toy e-augers and chain saws!  😏  😆          
    • the wife and I took a little drive to Arkansas for one more ride. 
    • I get where your coming from Leech. There are some gray areas and loopholes and they know how to work them. These youtube people they want you to be angry, it all plays right into their revenue.   The thing with these youtubers is they unfortunately  have a mass following and they will tell all their fans to show up at the DNR offices, court house, call the office phones etc. And it just drives up their following, youtube views etc. and the result is just more revenue for the youtube channel and people get sucked right in (myself included). Like I said love him or hate him he's generating significant income by doing it and its like a bad car wreck you just cant look away.    In some cases the DNR getting involved the risk outweighs the reward if you get my drift. look at the crowds that came out for him over a misdemeanor jet ski fine in TN. It looks like its straight out of the movie "Time to kill" lol:   More:  
    • Another reply from the DNR Capt.  Sounds like their a bit afraid to dig in and get what the need to prosecute.   Mr. Beeeped-out  😉 I do want to thank you for your time in researching and sending us the information.  The second video in particular involves the CBoyz near Cormorant Village in Becker County.  If you watch many of their videos they are full of violations.  We have met with the County Attorney’s Office and we have been told that unless we can provide a date/time of the actual event they will decline to prosecute.  We have identified many of the players in these videos but only have a date/time of the video release and not the actual date and time.  We have also made contact with them and taken enforcement action in many of their videos.  They are not afraid to film our officers in action.  In addition the first video was a year or two old if I recall.  I will not disagree that when looking at the video there is areas of concern but unless we can observe the damage and be able to testify in court that the wetland was damaged we would likely not be successful in prosecution.  We will continue to monitor their activity and if observed causing damage we will be taking enforcement action.  We appreciate and share your concerns.  If you have any additional information please forward to us.  Capt. Seefeldt   These Jackwads!    
    • Can't stand the guy and don't watch his craap!  I was watching videos on the Sherp vehicle which is pretty cool and these two popped up.  When I saw them mowing over Wild rice beds it [PoorWordUsage]ed me off and got me to send it in to the DNR.  
    • ahh good old whistlindiesel, your just part of the click bait generating even more revenue for him now   love him or hate him he sure knows how to generate some buzz   Also he was already on the Mn DNR $hitlist for this and ticketed see below:      
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