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Crow season is OPEN!

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Crow season opened yesterday!
Go get'um boyz!
Gonna do some trap shooting and crow hunting this weekend and try to put a dent in the population of those egg eating, duckling eating, flying carp!
Gonna try my new layout blind in the middle of the field for crows along with a owl decoy stuck up in the air about 10' up and surrounded by crow decoys.
Should be interesting!

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I just drive around on gravel roads and locate a flock of crows. Stop and ask the farmer(they always say yes, they don't care about crows) and just setup a little ways away from the crows(out of site)and take a owl decoy, set it in a tree, post, whatever and have a boombox with a crow-owl fight tape. They will divebomb in minutes. I have also just setup in a field along a fence but the problem with that is, crows are not dumb and you only get one crack at them. Once you shoot at them, they are gone. That's why I like to go locate some. Keep moving around. Did you know why crows never get hit by a car? There's always another crow on the phone wires saying
"Caw(car), Caw(car)". HeHe!!!
"Set the Hook"

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Get an owl decoy and stick it on a fence post
close to where you can hide yourself good and start calling with a mouth crow call or take a boom box and put in a cd or tape of crows and turn up the volume.
They hear the calls and see the owl and they will come to attack the owl. So when they get in range shoot them with any trap load, 8's or 7 1/2's.
Put on bug spray or you won't last long hunting them.
Also try to hunt from sunrise to 9:00am as this is when it is the calm part of the day and the crows can really hear the calls when it's not windy!
The main thing is to try to find a place where they roost and mill around. Then try to set up somewhere close. And try to set up undetected as they are smart and remember that you are there if they see you!
Good Luck!

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Was out crow hunting last night. There is not enough bug spray in the world to keep the blood suckers away. We use an owl decoy and several crow decoys. The owl we put up in a tree about halfway up than the crow decoys up higher than the owl. WE always put one on the ground with a cord attached to it (jerk it around). Anyway, we started calling using the owl/crow fight tape. After your first volley of shots than you switch to the wounded crow or crow reville tape. After that is done than you either move or attempt to call them back which is possible (but difficult). Anyway with all of our carfull plainning and expert advice we bagged 0 birds. L O L oh well next time

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