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Well here is another topic for debate. I run puddlers in about 6-8 doz. and have 21/2 doz. Bluebills and a dozen cans. I am wanting to target more late season birds and am considering with buying up to 3 doz. ringbills. I am thinking of mixing the spread and using the divers on the long lines to draw divers close to the puddlers.
Further more any one with suggestions for diver lakes other than Leech and LOTW, we live around Bemidji and want to try new spots. Is URL open for ducks and if so how are the numbers. Lots of questions but the fever is running high.

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I used to hunt Bowstring alot for divers. Get in the river channel that goes toward Inger. Lots of places to hide.
As far as decoys go I would go with all Bluebill and Ringbill decoys. Other birds will come into them. 6 dozen of them placed right will do the trick.
I always wanted to put out a spread of Coots. Seems like the single and double bills suck right into them.
Good luck
8 weeks and counting till the first trip to Sask. for some great goose hunting.

Hunt Snow Geese, Save the tundra

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No need to buy more diver dekes if you already have 12 dozen counting your puddlers.

Set your spread up either in a single line or a "J" pattern. Use your puddlers for the "raft" part of your spread at the bend of the "J" or the end of your line in a "raft" forming a tadpole shape. Use the diver dekes you do have in the lines for color attraction and dabble a few in the "raft" for added affect.

Place your line dekes as close together as possible (2-3 feet apart) and extend them out as far as possible (I have made a line using decoy cord and snap swivels anchored with a 2 lb anchor. Easy and fast to set up and pull in). The ducks will instinctively "fill in holes" so if you have a gap in your line, thats where they will land. If set up properly, they will land right in the bend of the "J" or at the head of the "raft" in a single line set-up.

It really does not matter what kind of dekes you use hunting divers as long as you have some white and color in your spread. Some people use black painted jugs and I have even heard of people throwing blocks of wood out on the ice to use as dekes. As long as what you have out there looks like a "raft" you'll be ok.

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