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2013 Redwood Area Catfish League

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Just starting to think about this years action. I have had a few people say they are interested again, but lets try to figure out how many we have. Rules will be the same as last year. Thinking about going to 2 overnight this year, but we will see what the majority wants to do. Hope everyone is ready to do some catin!

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well, i'll be in almost for sure. probably even have someone to fish with. i've got one weekend in june booked up so hoping the overnights don't fall there.

relly feeling the itch to get out today!!

could do a whole weekend too.. measure one fish each night. just an idea.

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league nights have been set, if anyone wants more information please let me know!

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First league night is over and here are the results:

Brandon K. wins the biggest fish of the night 39x23=62 points


Mike B. with a 27x16=43 points


Jorey P. with a 25.5x14.5=40 points


Congrats guys!

Next league night is June 8th!

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I moved some stuff around and never thought about these pics...here is the first night pics again!

Brandon K. 39x23=62 points


Mike B. 27x16=43 points


Jorey P. 25.5x14.5=40 points


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Here is the results for the second night of leagues!

Brandon K. 38.5x24.5=63 points


Matt G. 30x18=48 points


Mike B. 27x14=41 points


Kirt S. 24x14=38 points


So that brings us to the total scores:

Brandon K. 125 points

Matt G. 48 points

Mike Bratsch 43 points

Mike Bentson 41 points

Jorey P. 40 points

Kirt S. 38 points

Jim D. 0 points

Ryan B. 0 points

Quade K. 0 points

Bob R. 0 points

Good Luck Wed night all!

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3rd Night Results!

Matt G. 42x27=69 points


Bob R. 39x29=68 points


Mike Bentson 34.5x23.5=58 points


Kirt S. 37x20=57 points


Mike Bratsch 35x22=57 points


Brandon K. 31x18=49 points


Jim D. 30x16.5=46.5 points


Jorey P. 21x10=31 points


After week 3 totals:

Brandon K. 174 points

Matt G. 117 points

Mike Bratsch 100 points

Mike Bentson 99 points

Kirt S. 95 points

Jorey P. 71 points

Bob R. 68 points

Jim D. 46.5 points

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Some very nice fish last week fellas! I kinda like the lead so smaller ones this week if you could! Ha!

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Finally everyone is on the board (me)

Week 4 results:

Ryan B. 42x27=69 points


Brandon K. 41x24=65 points


Mike B. 31x17.5=48.5 points


Mike Bratsch 27.5x16=43.5 points


Bob R. 27x15-42 points


Jim D. 24x12.5=36.5 points


After week 4 totals:

Brandon K. 239 points

Mike Bentson 147.5 points

Mike Bratsch 143.5 points

Matt G. 117 points

Bob R. 110 points

Kirt S. 95 points

Jim D. 83 points

Jorey P. 71 points

Ryan B. 69 points

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Week 5 fish!

Jorey P. 39.5x27=66.5 points


Bob R. 35x21=56 points


Mike Bentson 33x20=53 points


Ryan B. 33x19=52 points


Jim D. 25.5x13.5=39 points


Brandon K. 21.5x12=33.5 points


After week 5 totals:

Brandon K. 272.5 points

Mike Bentson 200.5 points

Bob R. 166 points

Mike Bratsch 143.5 points

Jorey P. 137.5 points

Jim D. 122 points

Ryan B. 121 points

Matt G. 117 points

Kirt S. 95 points

League night on Wed is postponed to a later date because of the flooding. I will try to reschedule in July or August. Sorry about that but I am making the Administrative decision.

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Week 7 results:

Mike Bentson 35x23.5= 58.5 points


Jorey P. 32.5x20= 52.5 points


Kirt S. 32x20 = 52 points


Mike Bratsch 23.5x14.5 = 38 points


Bob R. 23.5x13 = 36.5 points


After week 7 totals:

Brandon K. 272.5 points

Mike Bentson 259 points

Bob R. 202.5 points

Jorey P. 190 points

Mike Bratsch 181.5 points

Kirt S. 147 points

Jim D. 122 points

Ryan B. 121 points

Matt G. 117 points

We still have to make up week 6 and we will be doing it on Wednesday Aug 7th at the normal times. Good Fishing guys!

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Week 6 Makeup night results:

Kirt 31x19= 50 points


Mike B. 29.5x18= 47.5 points


Thats a wrap of this years league! I will post what the scores are in a little bit!

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Here are the results from this years Cat League:



1st place Koerner $140

2nd place Bentson $80

$20 per night for biggest fish which is highlighted in green

I appreciate everyone getting their pics in this year timely (and right) and it was a lot of fun again as it has been in the past. Congrats Koerner on the win and very nice fishing! Congrats to Bentson, he caught more fish and would have won 1st if it wasn't for the "5 Fish Totals" that was implemented this year. There was a tie for largest fish with Grave and Becklund (ME) which really doesn't mean squat but still worth mentioning! Congrats again and good fishing!

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Weather is always the biggest issue, but overall it was a fun time. Of course there was the issue of flooding this year also lol. I have already heard that most are interested in doing it again next year so looks like it will be a go again. I still think a MN river get together with the Belle Plain league would be a fun time...possibly some competition?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I’m in a similar situation right now and I am “freaking out” how did it work out for you what paper work did you file? Who did you reach out to?
    • Did someone pee in your charcoal 😁?
    • I like to see the fish that gets away verses not. A few weeks ago, I was trolling for walleyes on the SLR and while reeling one in, something grabbed a hold of it and fought hard for a while but chewed the walleye pretty bad. Trolled over the same are 20 minutes later and caught another walleye and this time it didn't let go and I saw what was eating my walleyes and it was a huge musky that got close to the boat and snapped the line and left with my crankbait and fish. So, the one I saw that "got away" was a cooler sight than the mystery fish that attacked my walleye that I never got to see earlier that day
    • Besides the motor on the back, I don't see much a difference between an old boat and a new boat.   It's not like new boats parallel park themselves.           
    • and still end up with an old boat as was said earlier.  I think it's more a labor of love for what we have...
    • looks like it got corrected! thanks Rick
    • Looks fine to me @rundrave :D
    • Hello from the NW Angle!

      Surface water temperatures range from 65 in the morning reaching low 70s during the late afternoon. 

      Minnesota has been best in shallower areas such as the Flag Island Flats (5-9 ft.) Prime time being the evening bite with many nice fish including a 31" beast. Deeper water around Four Blocks and LIttle Oak are providing good action for Walleye/Sauger. Orange has been the top color. Even with the recent Mayfly hatch and plenty of crayfish in fishes bellies, (Walleye, Sauger and Northerns) the fishing is awesome!

      Canadian fishing has been the best using bottom bouncers in the mud with gold being the most productive color spinners. Jigging will produce fish around structure with larger Walleye/Sauger coming out of 26+ feet of water. Pike and Muskie action is somewhat concentrated to underwater weeds or occasionally while jigging for walleye.

      We hope to see you soon! 
      Sunset Lodge
    • I think you'd probably have to develop connections to find the right boats at the right price.  If you could also increase the number of boats you do in a given season you could also start buying some materials in bulk which would help drive material costs down.  Still I'm guessing margins would be relatively thin, certainly not a get rich quick scheme. 
    • New Ice shelter coming this fall from Otter and Polaris specifically made for full size Rangers.  This will be available through Polaris Dealers.   https://fishingminnesota.com/forums/topic/210952-new-ice-shelter-from-polaris-and-otter/