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anybody use a kayak for duck hunting?

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i use a kayak to duck hunt. it was given to me by a friend who got tired of it sitting in his yard. its no where near as fancy, comfortable, nice, or whatever as the newer kayaks, but it works really good for what i use it for.

its stable, light, super easy to hide, if im feeling energetic i can get 4 dozen duck decoys in it. its fast, as far and paddling goes. i think its a good boat for 1 person, i like it, some don't. plus it floats in just a few inch's of water. nice for shallow mucky areas, streams, weeds, and skooting across ice to get to that open hole that geese keep open late in the season wink.gif just don't forget your ski poles.

good luck.......loc9

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A buddy of mine uses his kayak once in a while. Last year for early goose season we put straps on it and "grassed" it up. It looked just like a muskrat mound with him in it! It fooled the geese too....bigtime!!
It is also excellent for jumpshooting!


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