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Areas to Hunt

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Hello to all;
I'm relocating from southern Ill, to the Duluth area. I was wondering on places to grind some ducks n geese. Are there any state supported areas that allocate a person a blind for the season? Down here we have a draw on the last Sunday of July . If you get drawn you have a blind for the entire season.Then you must claim your spot before 5:00 am every morning or it goes to a stand by draw,as to give non blind owners a chance at some birds. Bunch of questions I'll try and keep it short. How's the goose hunting? are you pretty much limited to getting a lease or joining a club? If so what is the average prices on a pit. Or do you just use lay out blinds? Same for the ducks state area or lease? Down here we have a ton of flooded timber and corn, and a lot of it is publicc access. Also have the clubs from 1500.00 to 5000.00 depending on where you want to shoot.Also a daily fee of 50.00 to 150.00 per person.I've been shooting birds pert near 40 yrs now . Its going to be hard to leave this old river bottom, but the outdoor opportunities seem endless in your great state. Looking forward to grinding some green heads with ya Thanks to all who reply. (Shoot em in the Lips)

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There are more places to hunt than you could hunt in a life time in Minnesota. The question is is where to go during the migration starting at opening day!
There are thousands of rice filled lakes just to the west of Duluth. The farther west you go the better.
You don't have to join a club or lease property to enjoy waterfowl here not unless you got the mega bucks to join one. But why waste your money on fees? Go buy a 14'duck boat and some dekes instead, and you can go just about any where.
Leech lake and Winni for divers, or any lake that has sufficient emergent vegitation for cover and you'll have unlimited places to hunt!
Geese are everywhere and all you have to do is scout for them.
There are more Canada geese shot in Minnesota than any other state and the resident flocks (giants) are only getting larger. And you can start hunting Canada geese September 4th this year.
Best areas are western Minnesota, but if you scout you can find huntable flocks anywhere in the state!
Check this out and you can get your answer about any questions you have:

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