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flat coats

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this is my first post in the hunting section as i dont hunt but i'm here because of dogs.....does anyone know of any good breeders of flat coated retrievers?.....does anyone own any?.....i've always owned black labs....i searched the akc....but was just curious what anyones experiences here have been.....thanks in advance for any info.....
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I know people who own flat coats...I can find a good breeder of field flat coats if you want, just be ready for the price tag. You are going to at least double that of a good Lab. I think the last pup they bought was between $1200 and 1500.00, and I know $2000.00 wouldn't be out of the question. Do you really want one? They tend to be very soft, training is similar to a golden, not quite the perserverance of a Lab or Chessie or even most field Goldens, people buy, raise and hunt with them because they are committed to the breed and except them for what they are. I've had friends who wanted a "novelty" dog just because "everyone owns a Lab and I want something different". This is usually not the right start in choosing a breed. The popularity of most of the sporting breeds is based on the level of work put out by each individual breed. Thus, the more popular, the more it fits into what the owners are looking for in a dog.

All that being said, I'm not trying to take away anything from Flat coats or their owners. There are some phenomenal Flats out there...just a more limited pool to choose from, thus raising the stakes when finding a good pup out of good stock. Shy away from the show bred ones. I would highly doubt you'll find a good working dog in those breedings.

If you are really serious (not kicking tires) e-mail at [email protected] and I will get you in touch with people who can set you up with a good dog.

Good luck! Ken

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