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Small water question.

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When hunting small waters(50 acres or less) and Puddles in swamps, how do you set up your spread? Small groups, families, in-line?
Pretty much just hunting puddle ducks.
How many decoys do you set? 6, dozen, two dozen.
Should a person throw several different species out, mallards, woodies, teal, pin-tails?
Just looking for any advice to better my hunts.

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We used to hunt a small pothole up near Sebeka. This thing could not have beeen more than 50 yards across.
Anyhow, we would usually put out about 1 1/2 to 2 dozen dekes. We would always leave a landing hole between the dekes with about the same number on either side of the hole.
Diddnt seem to matter what kind of decoys (always used mallard) and had every type of duck dump in on us that we would expect hunting in this area- ringbills, mallards, woodies, teal, redheads, bluebills, and an ocational can.

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I agree with Tom, throw a few off to each side with a landing hole, I never go with more than 18. I also like my blind to be off to the side of the landing hole so the ducks aren't looking right at you when they come in.

Good luck.

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i decide how i am going to arrange my spread when i am out scouting. if i am scouting a lake and i see 50 mallards, 10 teal, 20 wood ducks, and 5 pintail that is what my spead will look like that next day.
my theory is if i ever have a question about decoy placement or duck calling i always go to the ducks for the answer.

happy hunting
keep those gun barrels warm

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