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Waterfall Production Areas?

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You are 100% wrong:
Go to page 113 in the MN Hunting regulations:
Motorized Watercraft
The use of outboard motors (including electric trolling motors)
or motorized water vehicles (including amphibious vehicles) is
prohibited on waters within the boundaries of most state WMAs.
Next go to page 122:
Motorized vehicles and motorized watercraft are prohibited on all
waterfowl production areas, except on designated parking areas,
access roads, and public roads. Permits to operate vehicles
on other roads may be available for hunters with disabilities—
consult the Wetland District Manager.

One thing I have learned on the forums, is to NEVER take any input as the "gospel" truth to legal versus illegal.

Always refer to the DNR for the answer.
[email protected]
Send an email to that address, and you will get your answer sooner or later.

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Ive done some scouting on these areas open to public hunting. Ive seen signs stating No motorized boats. I have two questions, Can I use an electric trolling motor, and do all of these areas prohibit motors or just the ones that are posted, because I didn't see the signs on all the spots I scouted. Thanx for any info!

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I cannot think of a WMA or Waterfowl Production Area that allows motors, gas or electric. If there are, and there might be, the DNR HSOforum will list this information in their hunting regulations and/or their waterfowl supplement. You can view both online.

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The way it was explained to me, there is a very small percentage of WMA's that have accesses for boats and allow motors. One reason being that private land butts up to the WMA. Biglakeba$$ said 99% of the time, not completely illegal.

Marsh Lake and Lac Qui Parle are almost all WMA, but motors are allowed where published. There is very little private land on these waters. Both of these waters have set boundaries where motors can and cannot be used. It is ALL explained in the regulations.

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Here is what the DNR replied:

It is illegal to use motorized boats on Wildlife Management Areas and
Waterfowl Production Areas, except for those listed on pages 114 - 116,
and most of those are closed to waterfowl hunting.

I'm still confused, but I guess when in doubt, don't use a motor!!!

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If it is illegal to use a motorized boat on WMA's, then why does the DNR have a concrete access on some of them? I am referring to Pool 4 WMA on the Mississippi, also known as Wilcox Landing. Just my thoughts, I e-mailed the DNR with the same question and will post what they reply.

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