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Eastern Wisconsin Fishing Advice: Sheboygan - Milwaukee Area

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Hey Anglers,

I'm not sure where to start and know I should be posting in this in the WI forum but from the looks of it it seems like there hasn't been much activity going on in there also. Figured I'd try my post here to get whatever information I can. But I'll be in Eastern Wisconsin in a few weeks. First time ever ice fishing WI waters and I was hoping to find some advice.

I've got a few plans on how I'd like to try to tackle the water.

Plan A: I wanted to try tackling the Milwaukee Harbor for some brown and steelhead but it seems like the ice conditions aren't going too well there. However, if I still wanted to... what are my options? And where are my public access points? Best lures/bait/color? If the ice is bad, are there any open water options that can still provide us some success (as I plan on bringing some open water gear)?

Plan B: Aside from that, if trout didn't fall through... are there any potential tullibee/whitefish spots within 1.5 hr of Milwaukee?

Plan C: Hit Lake Winnebago and Poygon for white bass, crappies, and walleyes. However, what sort of structure should I focus on in finding them? Depth of water? Access points? Lures/techniques?

Again, any sort of advice will be greatly apprecaited. Was just hoping to be pointed in some direction rather than to plan blindly. Also, I'll be taking some new ice anglers and hoping I can find them a spot where it won't bore them. Nothing like a good first impression on the ice if I can show them part of the reason why we stay on the ice.

Happy fishing. And be safe on the ice with this warm weather.

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Unfortunately there aren't many folks in the Milwaukee forum. I haven't fished there, but a few winters ago when walking through the new Discovery Center I noticed a few portables in the harbor next door. I'd assume there is some ice around McKinley Marina or inside the break walls by the Summerfest grounds.

Good luck and let us know if you have any luck

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