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Spinning wing dekes- your opinion on location

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I'm adding non-motorized (Lucky duck) to the spread this year, wanted to get some opinions on locations for spinning wing decoys in your spread. Up wind, down wind, on the sides leave the opening behind, ahead....
What're folks having success with?

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No matter what you do .. keep your spinners in shooting range. Ducks have a tendency to land near them a good percentage of the time. I have had ducks come crashing into them on several occasions.

My preferred place to set them is in the inside of the *pocket*... or the area you want the ducks to land. I also try to position mine somewhere away from the blind, still well within shooting range, but just enough to draw attention away from the blind.

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I wouldnt bother with those wind powered ones. I bought a couple last year, $20 a piece and figured hey, what could it hurt?? They say it needs almost no air to spin. Well, a little breeze ONE wing would spin. Mine, I think they were Lucky Duck also needed a strong breeze to spin both wings equally.

That is just my field test on them. Now they are in a land fill. Who knows? they may work for you.

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I hunt fields exclusivley. I use multiple mechanical spinners. I put mine in the middle of the spread but closer to the top or leading edge of the "feeding flock". Ducks like to hop-scotch each other and will land past or close to the leading edge. This gives this elusion.. of ducks feeding and jumping over each other as the move down the field. We are working to fool flights of 100 or more coming into to land.

Geese on the other hand as a rule seldom will land over the top of others.

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