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A few more...

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I added a few more decoys to the mix this week. I wanted a sucker in a gold color so I made that first. White belly and lips.


Then I decided I wanted to add a pike shape and a sunfish shape to the group. The Pike came in at just a smidge over 10.5" and swims big. Way out and in a big sweeping circle on the return.


The realistic sunfish was kind of a match the hatch type thing. I wanted to try to make a decoy that resembled what the game fish were feeding on. Based on the reaction of the Largemouth bass today, I got it right. They did not hesitate, they crushed it. It finished up at 4.25" and swims realy smooth. It was a fun one to make. I only had to super glue my thumb and index finger together 7 times. crazy


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The scales go in as part of the painting process. I have figured out that I can either get them in there as a visual, (like on the sucker) or actually build them into the actual texture of the finish (like on the sunfish).

I think it adds a little element of imperfection that makes each one different.

I was going to try to carve in scale detail, but I think for now I need to get the process down a little bit more before I get in over my head. wink

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Here are some I finished up this week. I did not want to distract from the auction so I held off on posting them...

Realistic Pike....


An attempt at a realistic Perch, although they always end up looking like a Packers tribute sick I also tried to carve in some scale detail on this one, that part needs some work...


And a very rare "red phase perch"...


The more I make the more fun I have. Last weekend of the season, mabe I will have teeth marks in something by monday. wink

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