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Chesapeake pups

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I am looking to purchase a chesapeake pup, but am having a hard time finding breeders. Any of you Chesapeake owners out there have any names of breeders that would be great. Also what are there prices and looking for litters that are ready to go soon.

I am not decided on male or female yet either. If anyone has any comments about either I would like to hear it.



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I have owned chessies for about 15 or so years and love them to death! Our personalitys match well. I am gald to see you join the ranks. Over the years I have seen some good and some bad just like any other breed. Be very leary of any breeder that say there AKC but i don't have the papers. Its cheap to register and brings you more money per puppy. Your AKC puppy from a breeder in a local paper will run between $200 and $350. If you purchase a pup from a good bloodline it will be in the $600 range. Spend some time looking at the AKC guidlines on shape and size of a chessie. The best ones I have had are similiar to these standards. If you can not see both parents do not purchase the pup. Mom and Dad will tell you what your pup will grow up to be. On a side note I will also say one of the best dogs I have ever seen was a Lab cross but looked like a yellow lab given to me by a farmer that had to many. You should also look at started dogs. I purchased a dog 8 months old and he is now 2 and would never purchase another puppy again. I started hunting him the day I made it back from indiana. It cost me $1000 but if you add up the cost of puppy and material to train the dog to get him to that point is was well worth it. I will say it is a tuff number to get by the wife. Drop me an email and I can give you her address she has pups and started dogs.

Hey nice Rack

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