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??'s about a my Lab Pup

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I have a 7 week old black lab puppy. I have had him for almost 2 weeks. He’s been pretty good. Has even alerted us when having to go outside already. In the last two days, though, things have changed a little. First, he is humping a LOT. It seems to me that he is too little to be doing that. Second, he started attacking me yesterday. Now, I know puppies bite and mouth people, but it has turned from that to my puppy charging me and biting me for no apparent reason. He will be laying there and chewing on his toy and then he growls/barks and charges towards me and bites me. Third, when he goes outside to urinate, he has been standing in position long after he stops urinating. Almost as if he feels like he still has to go.

Any suggestions are welcome and would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey RU,
I have a 16 week old. He's gone through similar actions as yours. Your pup is only 7 weeks old. Keep it fun. I would correct him on the biting and barking/growling. A very quick pinch of the ear right as he's doing it can cure the problem.

Your pup is most likely just playing. Momma dog would give him a quick nip if the pup was being obnoxious to her. Just do the same. Again just a quick pinch right as the infraction is occurring with the word "no" and be sure to keep your emotions in check so you do not over do it.

I don't like the barking so I warn with the word "no", second bark/growl is a quick pinch. The key is to be consistent and gentle as possible while still getting the message across that you are in control...not him grin.gif

The humping is normal. It will lessen (on objects) as he gets older.

I'm no expert, but these are my observations. I liked training my Springer better.

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When he bites grab his nose and squeeze until he whines a bit and say NO. Use a very stern voice.

I would stay away from pinching the ear for corrections because you will be using the ear pinch at about 5-6 months of age when you start the force fetch.

My yellow will be 7 months old on the 29th, I can remember when we first got her home at 7 weeks. It didn't seem long after that she was doing the humping thing as well. I think that is just part of being a dog, just like the rolling in fish or some kind of dead carcass or just anything that smells real bad!!!!

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I highly recamend any new pup owner who is going to do his or her own training to pick up a copy of "Game Dog" by Richard Wolters.
I trained my lab with it after seeing the results my friend had with it to train his pup.It explains how to deal with the socializing and who's boss right in the first few chapters.It also has a segment on obeidiance.Then it gets into the hunting training.
There are two other books out by him for training as well.
Each deals with more specific types of hunting training.
Gun Dog is for upland, and Water Dog is for waterfowling.I liked the Game Dog better as it combines both worlds.

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I totally agree Benny, with the "Game Dog" book. A buddy of mine borrowed me his copy and it's almost like stereo instructions it's pretty scarey. The only thing to remember is that every dog is different, just because Wolters says "your dog should be doing this and that at this age or that age", don't worry if it isn't. Dogs are individuals, just like people. You'll know when to continue on to the next step. My yellow lab female is just under 5 months old and just got back from the vet. We had her spayed and her dew claws removed. She'll be layed up for a week or so, hopefully she won't "loose" what she's already learned. She sits, stays, and is retrieving in the field and in the water very well. I'm very impressed, being this is my first dog. Needless to say, I'm very pumped for mid-September to roll around. I have a feeling my bowhunting is going to suffer this year!!!
We keep our pup in the kitchen and she'll really whine sometimes, even is she doesn't have to go outside. I just grab her snout and hold it tight for a second or two, saying "NO" in a firm voice. Same thing if we're playing and she get's "too nippy". She knows when she's crossed the line and settles down immediately.

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