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Eskimo Hubs 949i and QFi

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Well i'll likely be buying either a 949i or Clam Bigfoot comes end of the season deals. I've had a chance to see both the 949i and Bigfoot 4000 in person but not in use yet. Seen the reviews on the Bigfoot with minimal issues for most part but would like to see some of the new 949i owners to chime in on their hubs this year for issues as from what I hear Eskimo has made update fixes?

As far as the Quickfish hub we stopped over the weekend and picked up a QF3i which is the insulated version at Reed Sporting Goods in Walker, MN during an ice fishing trip. During purchase at the cashier desk we notice our QF3i box seemed to have been resealed with tape. We had asked for another box and young cashier lady seemed puzzled or hesistant to give us another one. She had asked an older lady who also works there and she perceived to tell us it may have just been resealed due to breakage during shipment and said it was fine. Well I told her we understood that but prefer factory sealed box instead due to that we dont want to deal with the mishaps of missing or unlabeled returns. The older lady told me they wouldnt do that to customers. At this point im thinking why are you arguing with me? Me and my buddies spend hundreds of dollars everytime we drive by your store during ice fishing trips. She then just walked away from us. I smiled at the young lady at the cash register and say Psst! You guys have 6 boxes on the floor, its all the same model and same price. We are gonna swap it out with one that doesnt have a repackaged tape. After all we are 4hrs away from home and dont want to deal with the hassle. Reluctantly she agreed. This was about the worse service ive had with Reeds so far. Normally their awesome.

Well onward to the QF3i review. On setup the hub felt very sturdy and the fabric appears to be the same that is on from the 949i models. The poles feel stronger and held up firm in the wind. There was no sagging but the poles looked just a tad bit long on top hence the slight bend. The ice anchors grabbed well as we were on 25" of ice. With the buddy heater on low it was warm enough, on high it become too warm lol. The hub would fit 3 anglers but it be a squeeze. Just enough for 2 guys and their equipment. Setup and take down was a breeze with the hub. The bag still felt too small and had the cinch string. We struggled to put it back in and feel at some point the bag will eventually wear or tear. In all we paid $250 w/tax for the hub and felt it satisfied with it so far. We would've purchased a new 949i instead but Reeds didnt have any left in stock. They didnt have any Clam bigfoots either.

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Flip the coin....since this is the 949i's man up year I went with that, and so far no problems with the poles, as expected. Zippers are not as smooth as a clam, but have not broke. Bag is way to small, but anchors are way better. Windows are in a better position, but looks like the Bigfoot comes with better compartment features ....if they didn't forget to put them in..... and looks like if they did your better off because they will replace with something better. Either one will be fine.......as a 3 man option.

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I have the 949i and am satisfied with it. That being said I have last years model and I had one of the "good"? Ones. No problems with poles or zippers but like said the bag sucks even with a cinch strap. I will be getting the hockey stick bag as a buddy has one and it fits the house and extras with room to spare along with being ultra durable with heavy zippers. Would I purchase the 949i Again YES I would. Fished outta the clam over the weekend and it was a nice house but didn't see the setup or tear down process. Just remember with the catfish to always pull the roof up first.

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I bought a 949i from thorne bros this year and love it!!! the bag shredded after the first use but they sent me a new one (got it in one day) so no complaints there!!! the new hubs are way better then last years, and overall it just seems better...I saw glens has them on sale for 249 now,,,a steal in my eyes!!! i think you would really like it..

The first thing i did was fing 4 ice screws on the common auction site that begins with an e...then i went to FF and bought some adjustable buckle straps to replace the strings it comes with to attach to the anchors...i now use those to wrap around the shack to fit it in the bag and it works great....so for 249.99 plus 40 (ice screws) and 15 (buckle straps) i am totally set!!!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • We were "missing" a few pieces of chicken between the time we took them out of the smoker and put them on the grill with the BBQ sauce. They vanished, I swear!
    • Figured I would post me and my brothers build on here since this is where I got most of the information from. Thanks to lipripper for posting his builds and answering questions. I pretty much based the house off of his with a couple of my own tweaks. Im not sure how pictures are posted on this it’s looking like they will all be at the end of my post so maybe I’ll start with one post then keep adding to it so the pictures stay in some order ( I was bad at taking pictures so I probably missed some stuff) So here we go...   The frame is a Berkon 21’ with a 4’ V galvanized. We called berkon and the guy said they had one frame left and it was $700 cheaper than normal price since they were changing something for ice castle so we put money down to hold it then he called and said ice castle needed it but they were going to make us a new one (this was the start of our struggles). Which actually worked out nice since we could move some bracing around and move the hydraulic pump to a different spot. We had them move the back center brace so we could have 3 holes between our couches similar to papabear. We  thought about doing aluminum but the guy at berkon said the weight savings would only be about 700 lbs and I personally don’t like how aluminum seems to get brittle in the cold.  Prior to getting the frame I tried to order as much stuff as I could think of like others have said to do but since this was our first fish house I wasn’t 100% sure on everything. I used google sketch to layout the studs and the windows. Hoping everything would work out as planned. 
    • Spring only for me, when Orioles first return. Mine never get hit much. 
    • Not sure if somebody put a lot of time in to make this or if it was something Arctic Cat made. I could see someone pulling this around Hay Days.Thought it was just to cool to pass up. 
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    • Yeah, none of the recipes say to pre-cook the potatoes but I think I might do it next time or else just open the packets and throw the shrimp in at the end. I was surprised though that the shrimp was good and didn't seem too over cooked. I think the key is to make sure to use raw shrimp not pre-cooked.
    • A lot of talk about a lot of nothing...until it is actually something! 🤔😏  As long as Thibs is here I believe that Jimmy has  chance to stay.  If Jimmy were to leave I would be surprised if he stayed in the west but if he did matching him up with LAbron would be a tough duo to build around.
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