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Odd of mobo vs. processor being fried?

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Last night I came home to burnt electronics smell that I found was coming from the power supply in my computer.

Swapped the power supply for a known good one and the computer won't POST / won't show the BIOS screen and no beeps at all. The power LED comes on and the HDD light comes on and stays on.

I removed all memory and disconnected everything, leaving just the mobo, processor, and power supply connected. Result is still the same. No POST, no BIOS screen, no beeps at all, just the power LED on and the HDD light on.

From most I've read this typically indicates either mobo or processor is bad.

Any thoughts on which is more likely?

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Look at all the transistors/capacitors to see if any are damaged. I suspect that is the burnt smell you found.

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Can't see anything burnt nor any bulged or blown capacitors on the mobo.

The burnt smell is for sure out of the PS. Took the cover off and there is a burnt area on the circuit board and looks like one or two of the caps are leaking.

Taking a chance...ordering a used mobo of the same make/model from that auction site. It's a little more than I think a mobo of that vintage is worth but the time savings for a direct replacement, not having to screw around with Windows reinstall tricks or funky driver manipulations to try to avoid reinstall, I think will be worth it.

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Thought about using this as a good reason to upgrade to a newer setup but this one had all the power and then some for what I used it for.

So, yeah, I'm hoping $60 takes care of it rather than $360. smile

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Did end up being the mobo.

First one I received from the seller had a few suspect looking pins in the CPU socket so I didn't even try that one. After sending a picture of the socket the seller promptly sent a replacement board, which is what's in use now.

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