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More Fur Flying Last Night!

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We had a pretty good night again last with two more taken. Should of had a couple more.

First set was a dud but has produced in the past.

Second set we called off and on for a while and at the 50 minute mark I hear Mitch on my right say theres two, I look over to the right and see one standing there, 60 yards out with another hitting the brakes 10 yards behind it. They're directly downwind and before we can get on them they take off full speed going East. I saw them hit the treeline as I'm trying to put distress on. I get the caller on and watch. 30 seconds later here they come running straight in. They stopped and I'm telling Mitch to shoot the one on the right on the count of three. I asked him if he was on it and thought he said yes. I count and pull the trigger and mine drops but the male takes off. He later told me he was watching them run full out across the swamp and as soon as the distress came on they both stopped and turned on a dime a raced back. Here's my nice female #12 for the year.


Third set was a dud but we had one bark and howl at us when we got back to the truck from across the road. We'll try for him a little later.

Mitch was getting pretty cold so we took a longer drive and I told him he could stay in the truck on the last one but he toughed it out.

I figured I'd just use coyote vocals instead of playing around so I just worked the howler. Mitch was on my left and 15 minutes in two come flying in. I saw them when they were 10 yards to his right. They turned to run and Mitch fired and snow went flying. The female ran straight West while the male ran back where they came from. Mitch took another shot but after we double checked he missed agian. I looked to the right and another one was running in. I have no idea what it was doing but it was just over a slight rise in the field and it must have ran back and forth 4 times before it finally stopped and Mitch put it down. We called it a night after that as we had to run the furs in to the buyer this morning and somebody didn't want any more sleeping pictures taken of him.

Here's Mit and #3


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