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Canoe Stabilizers?

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Hey guys. I was fortunate enough to pick up a free canoe from a fiend of mine last year and I camo'd it up and used it a couple times for duck hunting. It worked well, but I need to make one change for this year: make it more stable for setting up dekes, bringing the dog, etc. I know there are a number of canoe stabilizers out on the market, but the cheapest I could find was $170+, which I just don't have laying around for a canoe stabilizer. smile.gif

Has anyone built a home-job stabilizer that has worked well? I've got some ideas but would like to get more input / ideas from y'all before I start this project. I also got an old trolling motor from my brother-in-law which will work perfectly on this rig and I might try mounting it on the stabilizer somehow?

Thanks in advance for the input,

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You can make stablizers out of 4 inch diameter pvc pipe.

Basicly all you need is a couple of 4 foot long 4" pvc pipes with end caps,get two 4"t couplings,two 4"90 deg. elbows, and another length of pvc pipe to span across the canoe.Cut the two 4 footers in half, place the T"S on each cut, a small section of pipe between elbows and top pipe.
Glue them all together and ancor it to the canoe and your set.


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Thanks for the info Benny.

I also saw a design some guy did with a styrofoam "noodle" like the kids use at the swimming pool. Thought that was interesting. I'll let you know how things turn out.


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