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Humminbird and iPilot Link Compatibility

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Would you be able to operate the Humminbird 858c, 898c SI, 958c, or 998c SI, with the new Minnkota iPilot Link? Or would you have to upgrade to the new HD models?

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You DO NOT need the new HD models. As long as you have the newer ethernet on the models listed below you are good to go. Are you getting one?

Humminbird Compatability

i-Pilot Link is exclusive for use with most Humminbird models that have Ethernet capabilities.

1198c SI Combo | 1197c SI Combo | 1158c DI Combo | 1158c Combo | 1157c Combo | 998c SI Combo | 958c DI Combo | 958c Combo | 898c SI Combo | 858c DI Combo | 858c Combo | 798ci HD SI Combo | 788ci HD DI Combo | 788ci HD Combo

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Thanks MN,

I was thinking about possibly upgrading/ making the jump to side imaging. I've found some pretty good steals for both the 800 and 900 series Humminbird's.

- $799.99 for the 858c

- $1000.00 for the 898c SI

- $1098.99 for the 958c

- $1300.00 for the 998c SI

The problem is being that I'm a college student, I don't have as much disposable income as I would like to have. Maybe if I pick up another job, I can save away and then spoil myself down the road wink

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For the $300 difference betweeen the 898 and 998 I'd spend the extra $300. That extra screen makes a big difference. You won't regret it.

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