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Another Double Down!

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Snuck out last night and I dropped #10 and 11 which brings Mitch and I to 13 for the season so far.

I set up at one of my new spots which was on the the South side of the road. It was a cut hay field and with barely enough snow to see. I set up by a grain bin but after sitting down I noticed a hill to the South that I couldn't see over. I got up and moved the caller another 50 yards South and then walked East and set up on top of a septic mound which gave me better view. I started with distress on and off for a bit and then sat quietly. I kept hearing something to the South East of me in another field so I wasn't really paying much attention to the West but when I looked back to the caller there were two standing there. One started swinging North and the other South. I got on the one to the North and dropped it and the other one took off. I scanned with the binoculars and saw it standing about 200 yards out along the fenceline. I put on the pup distress and it came 15 yards closer and sat down. I took the shot and heard it hit and after a short run he was down.

I hit one other spot but pulled a blank so I called it a night. I drove around a few of my other spots to check them out for this week and with the dusting of snow we got this morning things should be looking good.

Here's the Male and a pic of husband and wife.




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Dude you need to move next door to me pronto ! I did summons a posse and they dropped 11 in our section so far. Man I wish I had the time, my 2 year old is very demanding, couple years good to go, nicely done save a fawn drop a yote!

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