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Humminbird 535 as ice machine??

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After a several year hiatus, I have found myself on the ice several times per week this winter ... After playing around with vexilars/marcums I suddenly understand hie sweet it can be to have electronics in the ice. I see that humminbird has an ice ducer (xl 9 20) for my 535, and I was curious what your thoughts would be on converting that for a hard and open water machine? As far as I know, it doesn't have a flasher option, but I've seen others use the scrolling display successfully, ad it has a similar readout as a MarCum Showdown. Thoughts?

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I'm not real familiar with that unit, I do have a Lowrance x67c that I picked up used so that my daughter wouldn't have to try and share my fl18 with me when she was along. I haven't played with it much, but I kind of like it. It has an ice fishing setting, not really sure what that does. It also has a flasher option, but from the little I have used it, I like the graph setting a little more.

I think you'll be fine with your set-up, there are some advantages to using a graph unit. Try rigging up an arm to use with yours before you spend the money on an ice ducer so that you can check it out and see what you think.

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It will work if it's listed to match the sonar with the ducer. You just have to make it portable|(if it isn't already) by making or buying a holder for it and a battery. Without the flasher mode, you can use the RTS window on the right, if that model has it. Like the showdown.

Cheaper yet is to try it with your present ducer mounted on a T stick, so the ducer sits in the hole horizontally. It works, just not so handy. You may have to make a longer T as the ice thickens to keep the ducer at the bottom of the hole(to lessen interference from the sides of the hole). Google for pics of this kind of arrangement.

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Not familiar with that unit but I think it would be a pretty reasonable option for you. Should be able to get that transducer for under $100 which is much cheaper than getting a whole new sonar. Like others have said, maybe rig up your transom transducer to see if you'll like it before buying the ice transducer. Personally I really like the scrolling graph and wouldn't go back to the flasher view after using the graph. I wonder if it has any interference rejection though? If you fish around the crowd a lot or with friends who are using flashers you might run into interference problems?

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