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Rochester Goose Hunt

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We had a heck of a day goose hunting in rochester today.
With this snow fall our decoys did all the work, we didnt even really have to call. We ended up with 10 birds and one of them banded!
The birds started flying at about 8:30 and we were packed up ready to leave at 9:30. Alls we had to do is get a couple of birds to come near us and the rest would follow.
I bet we had 300 birds at a time come into the deks and they were still flying when we left.

Anyone else make it out?

check out the pics


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That stings man! When I woke up this morning (of course to go to work) I just shook my head as I peared outside... why the [email protected] can't it snow before I have 4 days to hunt geese!!!???!!!

We did good on Friday (14 birds), but struggled like mad to scrape up 2 birds for the clients on Saturday (a long a chilly day I might add).

We've been waiting all year for this first blanket of snow to "screw 'em up," and here I sit typing on my computer at work!!!

Oh well.

Nice picts by the way! Hey, was that band a Federal (AVIS) or a state band?


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My uncle Scott shot it the band it was from Maine hes going to send it in.

Nick I will be busy this weekend but the rest of the crew will be down there.

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We had a great shoot in Austin this morning also! Same deal birds started flying at 9 and we had our limit by 10. We must have had 600 birds come into the decoys and they were still trying to land even with the pickup in the field as we were picking up the dekes. Awesome shoot! It should be even better with the snow. Cant wait.

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That is the exact same thing that happened to us on friday except we were sitting beside the field after picking up the dekes and 50 birds landed in the field we were set up in at 10:05. Seems to work that way more often than not. Still alot of birds around but they sure are getting shy. Wish we would get some snow.

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I didn't make it out for the last day, but the wicked kill continued for PF. The pits were full and they wacked 48 on Friday out of one field! The last week of the reg season was just incredible... Nearly 200 birds!!!

Hope the luck continues for the late season! I plan to be out there!!!!!!



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