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Rochester Goose Hunt

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I went to Roch goose hunting with 2 of my buddies and we had our 6 birds by 8:30, and the birds didnt start fling til a little after 8.
This is going to be a great year, I dont think Ive seen that many birds around this time of the year ever!
We ended up with 2 Greaters and 4 Lessers and I mean LESSERS they were the size of mallards.
Jake Gilbertson (Giliganz Goose Calls) Is going to mount the lessers. I have never shot them before, they came in a flock of 5 and we took 4 for the limit the 5th one came back twice looking for his buddies.
We saw thousands of birds and that was just over our field they were everywhere.
We sat there for about another hour just calling and video tapeing.
I cant wait for next weekend!

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I have also been seeing huge flocks of geese ans tons of ducks over the last couple days, although im hunting well north of your location.

The *lessers* your party shot I would be willing to bet they are the tiny strain that fly's out by LQP .. I believe they're called Thompsons geese. They are about the size of mallards. Lessers are usually pretty good size.

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I've shot a few Richardson's (Hutchin's) geese in Minnesota and Canada. They are super small; just a little bigger than a mallard. They have a short neck, small head, and a real short beak. They are the dark goose equivalent of a Ross goose. Pretty cool birds.

I've never seen a flock of them. I've always seen them flying with the Canadas or Snows.

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Went out again saturday and saw alot of birds but couldnt get any to come in.
It seemed they were out feeding all night and were all coming into water.
They were all fling high but a good number of birds.

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