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2013 Ice Thread - Reports, Ramblings, and Stuff...

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Ok guys and gals, lets try and resurrect this place.

I know Dougie, Timmy, Lee, King were on the ice today, and im sure others were... Lets hear some reports

Tank and I headed south. We knew our favorite crappie lake would have good ice and its 3 steps from the car to the ice for Tank. He just had knee replacement surgery 5 weeks ago. One of his goals was to be on the ice in january, he got it done early in the month grin

The fish were not on fire but it was quite good. We put a few dozen each on the ice and kept enough for 2 meals...

5 inches of ice over 27 fow...


Sliding a slab...



Thats alot of red... whistle


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Timmy-toe and I hit the ice today along with 3 of my buddies. Ice conditions were good to sketchy... some areas had 4" black 2" white other areas 2" black 1" water 2" white. We got fishing by 10am and the fish were negative until 3pm then we starting hitting crappie and a few gills everyone ended up with 7-10 keeper crappie and a few keeper gills. Slow for first ice but we got her done. 2 of my buddies today drove all over central/southern Adirondacks yesterday and this morning and only found safe ice on 2 lakes one of which we were fishing on. Mad dog

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Yeah it was fun fishing with Tim, Justin, Jack and Harold, I think thats everyone King? I worked Friday night and took off from work Saturday a.m.. Last minute trip guys sorry I didn't get the word out. Jay your ice was a lot better than the variable ice we had on Mayfield. Like Tim said you could have concentrated on 4" perch all day and done well. sleep Most people left but we gutted it out and stayed late and it paid off the last hour and 15 minutes.

Bud and Tyler texted in and they did well fishing down there way with some nice crappies fishing the trees. Well done guys!

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Fished my usual haunt to the south saturday am with doug and a few others. Ice was (ok) decent but could def use more for next time. Moved once and sat on fish on and off all mornin. Caught 16 most in the 10-12 range with only 2 about 6". All but the first big male went back down the hole since i used a critical part of its anatamy for bait to catch the rest. Great to get out again... Lets hope the warm up is the prelude to an arctic blast!!!

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Kyle and I went West yesterday, Kyle did good and I had the worst day on the ice but I have no complaints. It was nice to finally do something besides sit around the house and it figures I'm 75% healed and ready to fish and mother nature kicks me in the nuts with this heat wave coming... WTH

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I fished Yellow Tape today and it was not so good...I got some decent 'Gills and a few quality 'Berries.

The high pressure and bright sun put the fish in scittish mode...still better than being inside...


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Fished tusc this past sat. marked few and caught 2. 9.5 sunny and a dink perch. Ice was lookin and feelin pretty shady when I came off the ice at noon. Just waitin for more cold which is right around the corner hopefully..

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not sure if anyone is readin this stuff but heres the weekend report short and sweet..

Fished the big O with doug, scout, sammy and pj. several short eyes and a few keepers between us. Some got a few perch too. I return to the beach sunday with abuddy and fished the same general area to land 2 hog perch both pushin 14" and a couple round 10-11". 1 short eye and that was our day..

iceman out..

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Havnt added a repot in a few weeks... sorry...

2wks ago I got on a new private lake for a few hours and cant wait to get back - lots of nice perch and some pig crappie. Got my PB at just shy of 15.5in...


Fished last sat for the morning and Tank and we found a nice pile of perch...


Slid out of work wed and hit the ice for a few hours in the rain. Fish were real active except for durring the real heavy downpours.

Hit for the cycle cool


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Went out and right of the beach this mornin with 3 buddies. Bout 20 white, 12 yellows and 2 short eyes between us when I left at 1. great ice for the most part, drilling 6-8 solid black in most spots but I did find 1 area that was only 3-4 of white dump. Freaked me out havin that under all the snow.. Great time with great freinds..

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Fished the big o today dad me and Timmy......dad got 23 perch and I got 22 and a lot of little once... But some big hogs 2....

Good day with Freddy Sr & Jr, Timmy Toe, Josh, Scott and a couple of Freddy's buddies. Thanks again Jr for the snowmobile ride smile Ended up with 23 perch to 13" plus Josh donated 7 additional perch and a burbot.

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Been a pretty decent season so far have fished 38 days on 15 different waters. Pictures are of 3 buddies and one of their kids and some of myself smile We will stay at it until the ice is gone or until I leave for vacation on April 1st.
















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Still at it here Wednesday was my last day on the ice since I am leaving for Europe on Sunday but my buddy will be icefishing another 2-3 weeks no problem.

Twin 14" crappie


15 1/4" yellow perch


18" landlocked Atlantic


4+ lb largemouth


34" tiger muskie


18" fat smallmouth bass


Not huge at 9" but first round pumpkinseed ive seen in awhile thats not from Oneida Lake


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Looking for some help. Just moved hot the wallkill area from Minnesota. Lookin forward to some hard water fishing soon, anyone have a good place to start looking? I was looking at swinging bridge but it doesn't seem theres any recent reports any info is appreciated, not lookin for your honey hole just a friendly heads up thanks

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Its been awhile I've fished that area, Swinging Bridge, Black Lake, White Lake, Superior Lake, Huntington. Ice Shanty has a group that fish that area. Also Hudson Valley Sportsman site would be informative for that area.



BTW, the Wallkill River is great for smallmouth and carp...

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