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Early Ice Wheelhouse Build (pics)


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Hey Guys,

Here's a few pics of the frame for the house.

A ways to go, but not bad for a day and a half into it smile

It is 9'x 6'6" and currently 240 pounds without tires and hubs. After the pics I finished the 45 degree bracing from the tounge to the trailer.

This thing is gonna work sweet for early ice!!!

I wanted something mobile that would also work as a sleeper house. I've done it in a big flip over, but the 6800 is much nicer for the night.

Now I can get to the lake, setup the shack, and wheel around to multiple spots before settling down for the night.

I built the frame a little bigger than the portable. In the future I might build an ultra light hard sided shack on the frame.

Next weekend I'll have some more time to work on it. I hope to have all of the lift system completed and paint the whole works too. Then a little time for lights and she's ready to rock!

Anybody have any recommendations on what to paint the frame with??

I was thinking about priming it and maybe using a bedliner instead of paint?




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Any ideas for a light weight floor sheathing?

The floor in the Clam isn't quite stiff enough to span the one foot joists.

1/4" green treat would be ideal, but they don't make it that thin. 1/2" inch would be overkill and add unwanted weight.

It is going to be stored outside so it needs to bear the elements.

Not a huge fan of expanded metal (or the price of it), but it is an option.

Maybe some cedar siding panels??

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Your little frame looks sweet B-Man! I built a little early ice house like that 2 years ago. The idea on mine was to throw one together quick and cheap because I sold my big house that November.

I built my frame out of some old scrap iron out of a friend's grove. I used machine shed steel for siding that I got for free from another guy. All I bought was wood for framing the walls, 3/8" plywood for the floor, a camper door, pink foam insulation and some other odds and ends. I think I came out close to $1000 for everything.

All that being said, my little light weight house isn't the prettiest one on the lake, but it really works good. It probobly weighs around 1200 and pulls like a breeze with my 400cc polaris 4-wheeler. I've had it out on 6 inches of ice no problem.

If i were you I wouldn't get too caught up on the weight stuff. Mine has bunks in it as well and the inside walls are even panelled. If you make a house 1500 pounds more or less, you will be able to get on any ice you see quads going out on. Go with the 1/2 ply for the floor. I did 3/8, 1" foam, and another layer of 3/8 on my floor.

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Thanks for the ideas guys! Sorry for the delay, but I was out of town all week.

Here are a couple more pics of the progress from Friday and this morning.

Finished the wheel assemblies and primed everything.

Still contemptlating what would work best for a light floor. Any more ideas?? I might just put 1/2 green on like Sapper suggested.

It turned out to be a lot sturdier than I had anticipated. Originally I planned on hauling the atv in the truck, but the trailer will have no problem at all with it.

I put little tires on it for two reasons. The main reason being cost, but it also keeps the frame closer to the ice when raised (7" of clearance, about 10" to the top of the holes).

If I want to be really mobile and not waste time lowering the shack, it will be low enough to fish out of in the up position. The downsides are having to get a drop hitch for the truck, and crossing bigger ice heaves may be a problem........

If it becomes an issue I will just get some taller tires.

Weight guess-timate is somewhere around 325 pounds.



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Looking closer at your photos, I have to admit I have 1 concern about your frame. It looks like you plan on using a 3/4" bolt for your pivot point for your arms. I dont think those will hold up especially if you intend on hauling an ATV with the trailer. I dont mean to be critical, I just feel it will cause you problems. This is speaking from my own experience working on frames on the ice when its -10 outside.

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