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Anyone Know???


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I am getting back into spearing after to long of.an.absence. While looking at spears I have absolutely fallen in love.with the Dillo style spears. (I think he started.the design) like a Kreamer, Fabeck, or Moening. I am in St. Cloud so closer is better.

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He does still make spears.

He makes 2 each year for the Metro Banquet....


(photo from the Michigan Darkhouse Angling Association HSOforum)

My wife won one of his spears the year before last and is nice enough to let me use it from time to time!!! smile

You can contact his brother Jim for more details.

(no e-mail it would have to be a letter or a phone call)

James Moening

260 Elm Drive

Apple Valley, MN 55124


FYI on the Dillo spear- taken from previous posts on this board.

I just needed to mention the Dillo spear made by Dillo Hinnenkamp from Melrose who made spears for years in the 50's and whose legacy was continued by Moening after Dillo's death.My spear has "The Dillo by Moening" engraved on the handle and I have no complaints and am in love with my spear. I just wanted Dillo to get Honorable Mention.
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It is nice to read some more talk about spears and spearing now that it is getting closer.

I really like using my Moening spear, as well as the Kreamers and the Pimple spear I still have. Last winter I also started using a Pawlak spear more often and really liked it.

Our old buddy Stiff is on a Gustus and Thomas spear kick, and has been soaking up some of the inventory in that market lately. Personally I am on the lookout for a 7 tine Gustas with the scalloped shoulders. The truth is there are a lot of really nice spears out there and it is a lot of fun to collect and use them. One of these days I may just set up a table at one of the shows for some trading and some shooting the breeze with some of my spearing kinship!

Skippie when you talked to Chuck Gerads did he say that he was making spears with Jeremy Kreamer?

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Myself, Mike Fabeck, and Chuck Gerads all work together for our regular jobs. We all still build spears just as a hobbie. Quite a few years ago as I was finding less time to build them Mike started building them with me, and the same for Chuck a couple of years ago. I only make a few spears a year where Mike and Chuck make quite a few more that is why if people call me I typically pass them on to one of them. We all use the same material and jigs to build ours. They are always stamped buy the one who made them so even though they may look simular they are marked by who made them.


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I talked with Kreamer and he is 10 years out and not taking anymore orders at the moment but he gave me Gerades and Fabecks names and numbers. The 3 of them all work together in the same metal shop ( Kreamers) and Kreamer taught both Fabeck and Gerades how to make spears. My understanding is all 3 are made in the same place with the same material just a differant guy doing the work. Fabeck is a couple year wait but Gerades just got back from Iraq and has a shorter wait.

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