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My Pimped Out Otter


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I said that I would post pics of my pimped out portable when I was done. Here are the pics I have so far. I still have some work to do, mostly just adding holders for some rods and other gear like my ice chisel, shovel, heater, ect.


These are my switches to control main battery power and lights. They are all DPDT switches to control multiple functions. The left and center control my lights and the right is main power and charging.


These are my fuses and accessory ports. I plan to use one to charge my cell and my speaker. The other is for hot cold cooler I plan to have in here or any other 12 volt acc.


This is my battery box with 3 batteries and the back side of my charging port. I made the battery box out of 1 x 1 x 1/16 aluminum angle and 1/8 x 1/8 aluminum rivets. The rivets go from inside to the outside and the batteries fit snug, but loose enough to easily remove if needed. The top of the box (lid) has 4 bolts ho;ding it on for easy removal.


This is my accessory port for my fish finder. I put this port in because my battery went into my battery box in my portable.


These are the 5 lights that I added. In the first pic, the switch on the left controls the white lights, the switch in the center controls the black lights.


This is a Bluetooth speaker that I added under one of the seats.

The wires are all tied up and secured. I have plans to add some eye bolts and bungee cord to help secure my misc. gear during transport. Overall I only added around 20 - 30lbs to my portable. It seems to pull just as easy as it did before.

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Here are some more pics. They don't show the light output like I hoped they would. Have more pics coming...hopefully next week after the rest of my gear is "neatly" put away inside.

These are my white lights in the dark. They are kinda dim, no real shadows, but light up the house nicely.


These are my black lights. They cast nice little "purple" circles of light right where I need them, the seat(s) that I and the boy will be fishing from.


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you did a great job, I just don't believe in making my portable any heavier than it has to be.
One could argue the necessity of everything done there. Lighting is a major issue, so what do you do to address that? Carry headlamps, flashlights, UFO style lights, lanterns, whatever, they all add weight and take up space.

I prefer to get my house configured how I want it so I dont have to worry about forgetting something at home or in the truck.

I am going to had a couple LED lights to the side of the sled like that. Great idea. I already have the firebright LEDs which are amazing, but a little light down low would be helpful when packing up.

After everything I have done to my Otter, I added maybe 20#, but those 20# would likely be 15# if I had to lug other gear around in its place. No brainer to me.

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I agree Captain. I was already bringing a light, radio, camera(with battery), fish finder(with battery), cell, ect, ect, ect. There is all the weight that i just added, most of which is now permanent vs. having to remember it. My sled empty was 75#, by the time I added all my gear (rods, camera, chisel, heater, lights(flashlight or lantern), radio, fish finder, auger, and my son, I added another 50 - 75#. Now my 75# sled is 125# or more. 20 - 30# that was already there anyway was nothing.

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That is awesome. I'm all thumbs when it comes to wiring. Is there any good resources, books, websites, etc, that I can learn how to wire something like this?


First, I went to school to be an Automotive Technician. Second, I have been working on cars of all kinds (cars, trucks, race cars, show cars, street rods, ect) and tractors since I was 6. All I can say is, is practice. Also take pride in it. I was told by the guy that got me interested in car, "If it isn't good enough for you, it isn't good enough for someone else". The best thing I can tell you is lay out all your wires before you start. Lay then out straight, and start tying them up where you want them. If you are worried about how it looks, use plastic wire loom to hide all your wires in, it will make everything look neat.

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Here is the rest of my Otter. I have All my gear in my house and it is read for the season. Even testing the charger out tonight. Only thing not mounted or pictured is my cooler. not sure if I am going to mount it in the house or not. I used eye bolts, j-hooks, and bulk bungee cord to secure my gear.

My chisel, my shovel, and my chair/ gear bag.


My chair/ gear bag and my tip-up.


My heater, shovel, chair/gear bag, and switch panel.


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