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Nils/Tanaka and Amsoil Sabre


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I purchased a Tanaka power head for my Nils auger this past week and am wondering about breaking it in with Amsoil Sabre. Do you folks that have done this think I'll be ok going with a 50:1 ratio for the first tank and then leaning out to 80 or 100 to 1? Any input would be appreciated.


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Most high quality manufacturers like Tanaka, Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi etc may not need a break in or long break in period as some of these motors a built in spec to run hard straight out from production after first being fired up without having to worry about glazing or seating of mechanical parts. Many engines or car engines specific today come prefilled from factory with synthetic thus preceding the break in myth.

Of course one always like to take precautions depending on the recommendations of the manufacturer specs. The Tanaka is made to run right out of the box, where commercial use is instant. The recommended first factory spec oil/gas mixture will more then suffice after the 1st tank is used up. Then go straight to the Amsoil Sabre mix after.

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Broke mine at 80 or 100 -1 Still going strong and likely drilled more than they have put together . LOL I run amsoil and a nils loves that synthetic as all 2 strokes do . They run cool enough . I run it in ATV TOO just its ow 40 , Check your plugs and you will see what I'm talking about . I run chainsaws and whippers too . I change nada , the synthetic amsoil does it all Anybody want to explain to me with facts why smoke as engine bogs is a good thing ? Lubing is a good thing but an engine trying to burn it off is not. May as well use dino oil .

Why do all race car or even top end sports cars start with synthetic ?


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This is what I found.

1. Start motor and let idle for 3 or 4 minutes, shut down and allow motor to cool completely.

2. Start motor, idle for 1 minute, slowly advance throttle to half way hold for 2 minutes, let motor idle for 3 minutes, stop and allow motor to cool completely.

3. start motor, idle for 1 minute, slowly open throttle to WO, wide open, hold for 2 minutes, let motor idle for 3minutes and stop. allow motor to cool completely.

4. By following this procedure, you have helped the piston rings to seat properly without scoring the cylinder adding years to the life of the motor and it helps to establish a motor that starts easier and runs better !

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