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Ice Fishing Arsenal


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I know this has been touched on before, but I always love to hear of all the items that you guys have accumulated or purchased over the years to add to your ice fishing arsenal, as well as items that you would like for the upcomming season!

Personally, I have:

- StrikeMaster Lazer Pro 8 inch Power Auger

- Vexilar FL-20 Ice Flasher with Tri-Beam Transducer, mounted to a Genz Blue Box

- Clam Kenai 1 man Fish House

- Aqua-Vu Micro Underwater Camera

- Strikemaster Glide Lite with Modifications

- Lowrance Expedition GPS with Navionics North Chip

- Numerous Thorne Brother's Ice Fishing Rods and Reels (Power Noodle, Quiversticks, Perch SweetHearts)

- Numerous RoseCreek boxes full of Ice Fishing Jigs, Plastics, and Spoons

- Katula Ice Spikes

Looking to Add:

- Vexilar FS1000, FS2000 DTD, or a Marcum Camera for Scouting

- Another Thorne Bros PowerNoodle, QuiverStick, or TripWire

- HumminBird 358ci

- More Jigs and Plastics

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Nils Master 8" gas auger

LX-5,LX-7 and choice of HDS 5 or 7 for GPS

Eskimo QFIII ( hopeing to add an Otter 1 man this year)

More jig's and spoons than I care to count

Carry 6 combos with me, favorite is the Tripwire with Okuma SLV2/3 fly reel, will be adding the new 13 fishing mulitpier once released so will need a new rod for that.

Columbia Titanium Bugaboo boots with Stabil Icers

Patigonia socks

Patigonia/ UA base layer topped with Striker bibs and an old rain coat...

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Strike Master Strike light 8" Auger

Otter Lodge & Clam Fishtrap Pro Flipover Shacks

Eskimo Quickfish 2,3,6

Vexilar FL-18,FL-20,FL-22

Marcum LX-5

Hummingbird Ice-55

Lowrance Expedition GPS w/ Navionics & Lakemaster chips

Frabill FXE SnoSuit, Vexilar Cold Snap Suit

Cabela Inferno boots, Frabil ShoSuit & Clam gloves

Way too many rods (usually take 6-8 with me)- Thorne Bros, Croix Legends & Premier, Gander, etc

Stone Legacy Rod bag

Buddy/Big Buddy Heaters w/ 11# LP tank (sunflower backup)

2003 Chev Suburban

** Note: have all the extra rods & flashers to equip family/friends smile

Wish List:

4 wheeler or 2-up Snowmobile

Eskimo Insulated Fatfish

Need to add TB Perch and/or Panfish Sweethart rod

AquaVu Micro Plus

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StrikeMaster LazerMag Xpress 8" auger

Strikemaster Honda Lite 8" - paid for just waiting to arrive

Clam Kenai

Clam Summit

Clam Explorer (Scheels version of the Yukon)

Ice Armor Blue Suit

Marcum LX-5

Vexilar FL-12

Lowrance H2O w/ Navionics North

Marcum VS380

kahtoola microspikes

Buddy & Big Buddy heaters

98' Polaris Indy Classic 2-up

enough rods, reels, and misc gear to get me by

Probably forgetting stuff.... hope my wife doesn't see this...

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Couple key things for me:

Got a second LX5 last year. Best thing ever, as I bring rookies/guests all the time, and having just one meant I usually went without, which is something a guy just can't do - go without a flasher/locator.

Also got a (used) ATV last year, and glad cause without snow the sleds weren't as good. I really REALLY liked how the ATV worked with auger rack on front, drop basket rear and seat pack - held everything I needed so on nice day did not even bring the shacks. Easier than with sleds, without snow anyway. I do like snow and using sleds though.

The rest is basics, and Otter Cabin and Clam Voyager (real old but works), and an Otter magnum sled. And a few sleds when snow. I don't pull by hand anymore at all smile

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In use personal Fishing Equipment

StrikeMaster Pro 8' & 7"

Otter Cabin & Otter Cottage both W caddy

MarCum LX-7

MarCum LX-3 (panfish)


A few St.Croix rods and a few Thorne rods...love the St.Croix L spring rod and the Thorne 28"& 30" Perch Sweetheart

Otter Rods case x 2

Trusty colman lantern

Otter ATV Box

Plan to buy

8"StrikeMater Honda

Two or three 13 brand panfish reels

Striker snow suit

New ATV V-bar chains..old ones are shot.

New L.E.D's for the portables

Wish List...never gonna happen

Stompertech ATRV

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Currently Have:

Otter Lodge Insulated with LED light setup

Marcum Lx-7

Strikemaster Honda 8"

TB quiverstick, power noodle, and sweet pea

Kahtoola cleats

Several Princeton Tech headlamps

2 13-fishing Black Betty combos

Arctic Armor Suit

Carhart suit

Lowrance H2O GPS

Cold Snap rod holders

Several Rose Creek Boxes full of tackle

Otter sled

Strikemaster Glide-lite

Plan to Buy:


Otter Cabin

Otter rod case or two

4-wheeler or sled

13-fishing's new prototype reel


and leaning towards a Striker suit this year...

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-99 Honda Fourtrax ATV –new to me last year but looks like it rolled off a cliff

-Eskimo 3 man flip over – old green style

-Old as me Eskimo auger

-Showdown 5.6

-Lowrance X67C

-Cabelas underwater camera

-Thorne Bros Perch Sweetheart with Okuma fly reel

-Thorne Bros Power noodle (ordered last week for my wife)

-Green Hornet (built it myself)

-A bunch of other combos I bring with but never use since I got the perch sweetheart

-Buddy heater

-Jigs and such

-A wife that enjoys ice fishing as much as I do

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Should be on of the best ice fishing seasons yet!

2012 Polaris Switchback Pro R

Otter Cabin Thermal XT900 with LED lights

(2) Vexilar Fl 22 HD

Lowrance Expedition C w/ LOW/Rainy and MN, DAKOTA chips

Marcum VS825SD Camera

Strikemaster Lazer Pro 8"

4 Thorne Brothers Perch Sweethearts (two 32" and two 34")

4 Thorne Brothers Walleye Sweethearts (two 32" and two 34")

1 Thone Brothers Power Noodle 32"

Pflueger President reels on rods

Otter Rod box

FXE SnoSuit

Arctic Armour Suit

Irish Setter EcoFlex Boots

Countless boxes of spoons and jigs/nymphs

Buying before season:

Lowrance HDS 5 with Lake insight for mouting on snowmobile

Snowmobile hitch mount

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92 Indy Trail

Two old frabill speed shacks- one is the xl cub, the other is just old and chewed up

Jiffy model 30

Lowrance x 67

Large Otter sled with hyfax kit and tow bar

About a dozen rod and reel combos-nothing too exspensive- a few frabills and some g mtn rigs are my favs. Some scheels stuff too that isn't too bad. All 28 inchers set up for walleye fishing

2 g mtn ice fishing bags to carry them in

Black non insulated ice armor bibs

lacross alpha icemans

carhartt jacket and beanie

motorola droid with the navionics app

and two heaters-one mr heater sunflower deal and one old colemen that uses the little green propane bottles.


A hub shelter-i really want a big flipover. But I figure I already have the otter sled to pull all my gear with and a good size hub shelter is way cheaper than any flip over.

An electronics upgrade- the x67 has been cool as heck, but I'd really like a unit with gps.

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Strikemaster Lazer Mag 9" (Solo Lazer Mag 7" on the way)

Marcum Lx 3, Lx 2, Lx 1

Fish trap scout

Fish trap scout TC

Fish trap Yukon

96 ATV

96 and 97 Sleds

Multiple Thornebro rods

Pfluger reels

Ton of misculanous stuff

Strikemaster Suit

Garmin Oregon 450 GPS with Lakemaster chip

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fish traps- pro, scout, trapper, and nanook

jiffy 8"

ice armor suit

honda rancher

fl 8

fl 12

older aqua view

thorne bros. walleye, quiver, noodle, 2 sweet things,and numerous other rods

numerous tungsten jigs and jigging spoons

H2O color

buddy heater

I am also working on a gas powered auger that will weigh in at about 14lbs! I'm thinking it will be the cats MEOW for chasing pannies. Can't wait for ice to try it out.

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Guess I can add my mess of arsenal over the years:

QF6, various Clam hubs, Pak shak etc

Otter sled

Otter auger shield

Strike Master Lazer Pro Solo 8"

Eskimo Viper Stingray auger 8"

Marcum rod bag/tote

Frabill hard ice rod case

Marcum VXR, VX1, LX3tc, LX5

Humminbird Ice 55

Cabelas under water cam

Misc rod/reel & fly ice reel combos from Berkley, Clam, St. Croix, Pflueger, Frabill, Mr Walleye etc.

DH custom noodle rods

TB power noodle & quiverstick rods

Strikemaster Polar Parka/bibs

Striker Ice hardwater floating Parka/bibs

Clam onyx boots, (Walmart boots will be my go to boots this year lol)

Tons various Northland and Lindy tackle jigs and spoons

Tungsten jigs - must have for panfish & tullies

On the wish list & will likely be adding:

Marcum LX6

Clam Six pack or Eskimo Fatfish

Deluxe Ice Advantage ice rod case

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Okay I will jump into the fray

Strikemaster Mag 2000 8"

Polaris Atv 500 x2

Otter Lodge purple color, lots fo small holes broken zipper

Clam Kenai (just ordered)

Aqua Vu Scout


Mr. Buddy Heater

mostly cheap rods, one Jason Mitchell and one St. Croix

assorted tackle

Strikemaster parka and bibs

Oh yeah a 6.5 x 12 Banana Yellow Yetti

Wish List

A younger more agile body to use all these things

Get my husband well enough to help me enjoy all these things

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Too much stuff but here goes.

94 Skidoo Summit 580 with custom gear box on back over back seat

97 Honda Foreman 400

1 man Otter

QuikFish 3

Clam Summit

Big Buddy heater



H2OC + Lakemaster Rainy/LOW chip

Strikemaster Mag 2000 8" + extension

Ice chisel

Keeper deluxe chair/storage

8 custom walleye rods

6 custom crappie rods (make my own rods)

4 custom pike/lake trout rods

1 qt zip lock bag of plastics

half dozen boxes (more or less) of jigs, jigging minnows, spoons, etc

enough various xl warm weather apparel for at least 3

semi auto 12 ga & box of buckshot to safeguard the above

Looking to add: A newer sled.... down the road

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Custom 8 x 16 + 3" V wheel house

Honda 2000i for wheel house

Fish Trap Scout

Strikemaster StrikeLite

Marcum LX-3tc

Ice Armor Suit

Two pairs of boots, lots of hats and gloves

Under Armor

Thorne's Walleye Sweetheart with Tica reel

Thorne's 32" Panfish Sweatheart with Shimano reel

Thorne's Quiverstick with Shimano reel

Thorne's Power Noodle with Courtland fly reel

Cheeper combos for guests

Lowrance X27c with GPS for the truck

Navionics on Droid

More jigs, spoons and tackle than I know what to do with

Wish List

Wheeler and Sled

LX-6 and LX-9

Cabin on a fantastic ice fishing lake

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Otter Walleye (recently pimped)

Jiffy Model 60i

Several rod and reel combos (Rods: Berkley, Clam, St. Croix, Dragons Custom; Reels: Abu, Clam, Mitchell, Shakespeare, may have others)

Mostly Northland Fishing jigs

Various Rapala and Salmo Lures

Portable Eagle FishMark fish finder

Cabela's underwater camera

Wish List:

Aqua-Vu Micro

St. Croix Rod(s)

13 Fishing Reel

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I am also looking forward to the hard water season more so than ever!

New this year

2013 8x17 RV Edition Ice Castle

4000 Watt Champion Generator

Jason Mitchell meatstick with presidential reel

19" Samsung flat screen for the Ice castle

Other equipment

Eskimo Mako 9" power auger

Vexilar Genz FL-8

Several noodle rods and ice fishing rods

Frabill 2 man

Eskimo popup (first ice house, just can't part ways with her)

Sunflower heater with 20pound propane tank

LED lantern

Coleman lantern

Danner Pronghorns 400 gram (one of the greatest purchases ever)


ice cleats

Clam led flashlights (really bright, helps to clip onto your belt when packing up in the dark)

2003 Chevy Avalanche 2500

I'm sure there are things I am forgetting

Wish list:

4 wheeler (sold my Rancher to buy the ice castle)

Cold enough weather to use the Ice Castle smirk

More time to use everything

Black Betty

Thorne Bros rod

More money to continue my hobby

Trip to Lake of the Woods this year

It took me a few years to accumulate everything. Start basic and tweak and add things as you grow with the sport.

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everybody's list looks great...are we all nuts?

Coming later this fall:

Polaris 900 Ranger w/tracks and cab


Canvas Craft Mag Double Flip

Clam X2 Thermal

Clam Nanook Thermal

Clam Base Camp Thermal Hub

9 Thorne Bros. combos with Pflueger reels

Otter rod Case

Strikemaster Lazer Pro 8" and 10" augers

Hummingbird Ice 55

Otter rod Holders


more time

kids to be 2-3 years older..but I won't push that,it goes too fast

Enjoy the season...It's gonna be a great one!!!

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See-through 20 year old Fish Trap house

12 pack of beer

a frequently malfunctioning heater

hand auger with backup frequently malfunctioning 20 yr old auger


extra zoom in camera

Zercom flasher (almost 20 yrs old)

jigs and spoons, some (many) with rusty hooks

rods custom made by a factory in china


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I have to much I think.

Eskimo 8'' auger. mako model I think

marcum vx-1 flasher

buddy and big buddy heaters.

clam scout 1 man

clam base camp thermal\

otter sled

ice armor grey suit

st croix legend spring rods with tica reels

thorne bros power noodle

many other rods

to many jigs to think about

couple sets of rope lights and miscellaneous gear and storage soulutions

I want to build a small trailer with sides and hooks to hold a cover so i can tow all my gear to the lake or onto the lake when conditions permit. Then I don't have it in my SUV.

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I'm super old school when it comes to ice fitch'N. Hand auger, old school tip ups, jig sticks, I'm in love with my fl8. Do have a modern thermal fishtrap tho, I'm mite try an find someone ta trade for a decent size suitcase house tho, go back ta a nice relexer house. I don't Ker that much about mobility these days. I wouldent be caught dead in an ice armorial suit or any goofy bib's

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