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Scrapes and Rubs


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Posted on another thread and realized it was off topic.

We hunt in Wright County and this past Sat. my son saw too huge bucks together and working over some tree branches as they were walking through the woods. On our way out, we stumbled upon a fresh scrape and rub. We are new to bow hunting and were wondering if this is early for scrapes. It was the only one we saw. Also, would you hunt this particular scrape hoping they come back soon?

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I wouldn't put much stock into hunting scrapes. Not all, but most scrapes are visited at night. A rub gets my attention though. It's a bit early to get too excited, but if your son saw them during daylight I'd wait for the right wind, go in as low impact as possible, and hunt the trail he saw them walking. Definitely an advantage seeing where they were headed. Still not easy, but will help target them much better. I know I'd use my climber if possible. Less disturbance that way. Dragging out and hanging a stand may cause too much commotion and leave more scent. Good luck.

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I agree with surewood. It is a good sign, the bucks testosterone levels are rising and they are getting a little skittish. Since the velvet has dropped they have went underground. Seeing the rubs and scrapes are the first sign that they are starting to mark their territory, so that is a good sign. However, the level of dominance hasn't even come close to being established, Give it a month and you will see an explosion of activity. When the rut hits, you see rubs and scrapes all over the place. I also put a little more emphasis on rub lines that scrapes. The rub lines give you a pretty good idea of the travel routes.

You can't go wrong hunting that trail if the wind is right, I would however, make sure you put your stand at least 10 yards off the trail, 15 is good, 20 is even better. Keep your presence as small as possible when trimming lanes and putting up a stand etc...

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Bucks rub and scrape throughout the falls, they just do it more often during the peak of the rut. If you are finding fresh sign and saw them during shooting hours you are likely close to their bedding area, get in there and hunt that spot asap before something changes.

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Great info. Much appreciated. He was actually in a stand when he saw them, only too far away. There aren't many food sources in the area other than the acorns, so we were guessing the woods we hunt is a bedding area. The good thing is they weren't spooked, so we hope they swing by again, only 20 yards closer.

Thanks again.

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