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Aluminum scratches on Shot Gun

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I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to get Aluminum Scratches off of a shot gun. My new gun bumped the Sides of the boat a few times and there are some small Scratches on the gun now. I don't think it scratched the finish off the gun. Just wondering if there is a solvent or something that works good? I used Rem Oil to clean the gun but they are still there. Thanks

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I've used that touch up on my aluminum beretta, it lasts about a week and then rubs off. I believe its made by Birchwood Casey. There isn't much you can do with aluminum that I know of. If you are concerned about scratches on a gun that you are taking in a boat, you probably shouldn't be taking that gun with you, or you need to realize that its going to probably get scratched. Many of the waterfowlers I know, have used their gun as a boat ore at one time or another, their guns look rough but they are reliable, like old friends. If you can't afford or don't want to use a different gun, I would suggest taping the gun up with some gun tape to help protect the finish. Much of the tape now is very good and will not leave a residue. I have also used the shrink wrap camo on my guns before and I liked it alot, but it did take a little effort to remove where the adhesive was, but it did not effect the finish.

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I don't think it scratched the finish of the gun, I think aluminum from the side rails of the boat rubbed off on the gun.

I understand that a gun is going to get banged around in a boat, but I don't think the actual finish has been scratched.

Thanks for your replies.

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I would try a rough scouring pad for doing dishes and lightly scrub it. If the scouring pad didn't take it off, I might try using steel wool on the tip of my finger and very lightly try to rub it off. Odds are good that if you have to use steel wool, it may leave a mark.

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Gives it character, its a duck gun not a toothbrush.

Sorry for the rant 2c

I have a couple dedicated duck guns and they beat up as bad as a boat paddle and have been used as one from time to time but thats the life I choose for them and dam its a good life.

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Waterfowling is brutal on shotguns they have to withstand the elements, mud, vegetation, bouncing in and out of duck boats,blinds, and the occasional drop to the bottom of the swamp.

A long list of things that shotguns endure from the duck swamp or field that will make these tools of the trade look like crud and turn them into non-functioning tools when needed the most.

These tools that we come to rely on need our attention at the end of the days hunt.

One of the hardest things to get in the rhythm to do is tear down a shotgun and clean it for the next days hunt specially after the long hours in the blind and the cleaning of the fowl,making dinner and whatever else it is that we do before sleep and the next mornings hunt.

Preventive maintenance is the key to success here guys. Clean it after each outing and your guns performance will always be to your liking.

This can make or brake a day of waterfowling when your gun doen't work because of improper care it can make for a long day of watching ducks rather than shooting ducks wink

Good Luck to all and remember a Clean Gun is a Happy Gun.

Also the gun maybe beat up on the outside but the inside is what matters when we pull the trigger grin

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