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Would you do it for $100


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It's common for us to catch Sturgeon this time of year on the Croix that have Sea Lampreys attached to them. More times than not they will find their way into the boat when we net the fish.

The other night the challenge was offered. Would you let it attach to your skin for 15 min for $100?

Here is one we caught and had ready...but no takers.

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Reminds me of a day in the boat a few years ago with my roommate and a buddy.

Roommate asks me, "Will you eat a minnow for $5?"

I reply, "Yep" (I grabbed a minnow and swallowed it quick)

Roommate says "Wow, ok that looked easy, here's your $5."

I reply, "Want your $5 back? Eat a minnow"

Roommate eats a minnow, gets his $5 back.

Buddy in the boat looks at us and says (Granted we'd been putting back the tall ones for quite a while now) "I'm feeling left out, give me a minnow"...and eats one!


Next thing that happened was i ate another one for $10, but this time i had to chew it up real good. grin

4we and Slab....Go for it..We'll let ya do it for free.

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I would try it simply because I doubt the lamprey would bite while it's out of the water and also from some research found this...

Lampreys can bite/latch onto humans, but they dislike human blood, and will not stay attached for very long.


Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm a buzzkill. whistle

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I've already done it. It was part of a joke I played on my ex-wife. A buddy and I had caught some lake trout out of superior, one with a lamprey. So I brought it home in a cooler with some water. I told her, "hey, look at this lamprey!" I reached down, let it clamp on, then I screamed while lifting my hand out of the cooler. I then proceeded to thrash around on the ground. The whole time the lamprey stayed clamped on. It must have enjoyed the joke as much as I did.

Needless to say, she didn't find it very funny. She never did get my sense of humor.

So I left it on for about 10 minutes while a buddy and I drank beer. After a bit it did start to hurt, then I took it off and you could see the beginning of the "circle" So I killed it and kept drinking beer.

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The St.Croix does NOT have Sea Lanprey thankfully!). Those are freshwater lamprey on the sturgeon and they do not hurt the fish. Many species on the Croix will have them, especially pike and sturgeon but even had a large crappie have one years back and a sunfish. I kill them too, but they are not exotic and part of the ecosystem. THey aint bad deep fried either!!! LOL

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That is hilarious! laugh Note, the guy "holding" the lamprey is wearing a glove!

I had a buddy in high school EAT his football sock for a dollar following a particularly muddy, sweaty game! sick

"Let's get Mikey! He'll eat anything!"

For a grand, I'll do pretty much anything.

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