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So when I went hunting last year, it was during firearms.. I didn't care much about camo, hunted with lots of blaze orange on above the waist and dark muted green wool pants as my outer layer to keep me warm.

I sat in a constructed tree stand where basically only my head is visible.

When sitting in relatively more exposed tree stands and bowhunting, does practically everyone wear camo head to toe (excluding the various times where blaze orange is needed)?

For those who bowhunt all season long, do you have outer camo layers that work for both the earlier season days with 50-60 degree highs, but also will fit over your "BRRRR it's december now!" clothing?

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I hunt all bow season. From opener through probably the end of Oct, I wear camo pants, camo jacket, and camo baseball hat. When it gets cold, I wear duck brown coveralls and wear my camo jacket over them. For headwear I usually just wear a brown Carhart stocking cap in the late season. No matter what, they all get washed in scent eliminating detergent and sprayed with scent killer after I change into them in the field.

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I have an early set of camo with green in it for the early season when the leaves are on the trees and they have not changed colors yet.

Once turned, I have another set for those colors.

Before I purchased all the camo I have, I hunted with a pair of brown pants and a dark green shirt. I have a friend who worked for the State of Mn and all he ever wore in the warmer weather is his state clothing in green and brown. I also wear a camo hat or a camo stocking hat when it gets cooler out.

All the camo colors are great along with the scent loc.

You will shoot just as many deer as anyone else with the best clothing sold if you keep your colors to match the trees, mainly green and brown and get 18ft high.

Does not hurt to get some face paint also to cover up ones face. I like to use all 3 colors of brown, black and green in stripes on my face to break up the outline of my face.

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Camo really just needs to break up your outline. I have a good set of camo with scentloc that I put over layers depending on the temp. I also have a lighter pair of pants and jacket that I wear when its warm.

Camo goes farther than just clothing also. Try and find a tree that you won't get skylined in. Have it be fairly large, the more trees around you the better. If you are hunting field edges, you want to get in the woods, try not to be on a tree that is on the edge of the woods. You might be able to get away with it during firearm season, but bow hunting is whole new ballgame.

You also want to try and eliminate scent. Good rubber boots, showering with scent free soap,spraying scent killer, keeping your clothes in totes, and playing the wind will all help you be more successful. A lot of it is having a good routine and staying disciplined with it.

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I wiull agree that camo head to toe, good rubber boots and camo net is good. But, I usually wear mt tennies when I go out and sometimes wear mt camo and it seems I rarely get busted and my kill rate is about the same no matter what I wear.

Yes, I would have a good background so you do not get skylined and get up in the tree a ways and play the wind. If you do these things well, you do not have to break the bank and spend a ton on the clothing. All the scent loc clothes are fine but I question it is really needed. I have 1 good set that was new about 10 years ago and to this day, I have not used it.

If money is tight, just follow the height, background and get high with a safety harness and you should be good to go. Be careful when you are trimming shooting lanes also so you do not clear out to much as the deer will know what you did and it will be a much greater chance you will get busted.

Good luck.

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