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Strategies for Decoy Use?


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Its the most wonderful time... of the year.

Question though!- I was strolling though Sportsman's Guide the other day and came across a good deal on a CarryLite decoy, which can be set up as a buck, or you can remove the antlers and simply make it a doe decoy.

My questions are really endless as far as when/how to use one, as I've never owned or hunted with a deer decoy.

- Do you want it facing you, quartered towards, quartered away, fully away?

- How do you get it set up in the field without it smelling like a person?

- Do you use estrus or anything on it?

- Any additional tips as to how to properly use one would be great!

Thanks All!


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I set mine up quartering towards me at about 18 yards then spray it down with scent sheild and a little code blue buck urine. I allways set it up as a buck with the ears back and a lot of times remove 1 antler. You want to set it up where it can be seen from a good distance and not thick woods I have had bucks get spooked in the thick stuff by mine.

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Cobber, I use a buck decoy and usually not until late October. I set it upwind of me, facing me and 25 to 30 yards away. 4 bucks all did the exact same thing...they came in to the front of the buck at a 90 degree angle to the decoy (perfectly broadside to me) and side stepped with ears back all the way past the decoy, then turned and came back to gore the decoy in the side.

I only let one of them hit the decoy and he knocked it into pieces. 2 I grunted at and that was enough for them to not hit the decoy. The fourth, I shot.

On a side note...if you are hunting from a climber it is not a good idea to let a buck hit your decoy and knock it into pieces.

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I read an article where Ted Marum suggested using a buck decoy as early as now. His reason and experience is that bucks will be curious all year long who the new guy is. They may not want to fight but they will want to see who the new guy in town is. I am going to test this tonight with the kids in the blind. I too bought the carry lite, though from the Farm for $99 a few weeks back. Will be first chance I have to get out tonight. Excited.

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On a side note...if you are hunting from a climber it is not a good idea to let a buck hit your decoy and knock it into pieces.

That's funny! Glad you mentioned that. I hunt out of a climber quite a bit and wouldn't think of that.

I used a doe decoy for the first time last year. It was the weekend after rifle ended and I ended up shooting a small buck that came and checked her out. I positioned it at a 45 degree angle facing me upwind and he came by perfectly broadside. When he was walking up to it he had his ears pinned back. I don't know what he would have done if I hadn't shot.

Anyone else use a doe decoy? The one I used is a buddies and the only reason I took it out was so that he'd quit bothering me to try it. I am now a believer. I have thought about giving it a try right now just to see how the deer react to it.

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